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Don't like sneaking around and stealing from people, but you still need to make a living? The Fighters' guild is the perfect place. With numerous heroic quests that pay as well as a life of crime you could easily become wealthy while following the rules.


Every guild has tenets that you must follow. The Fighter's Guild tenets are as follows:

  1. Do not steal from any guild member.
  2. Do not kill any guild member.
  3. Do not assault any guild member. I'm not sure if they expel you for this one or if you just get in trouble with the guards.

Getting Back In[edit]

So you broke the rules and now the fighters are mad at you eh? Well the adventurers will let you back in if you prove to them you really want it.


  1. Collect 20 bear pelts, any bear will do and a few vendors even sell them. Once you have them give them to Vilena Donton in Chorrol.
  2. Collect 20 Minotaur horns. This one is quite a bit harder as you have to kill the Minotaurs yourself and they're pretty rare.
  3. Three strikes and you're out. Better load up an old save file.
A way to fight Minotaurs

You will get a chance to battle 1 2 or 3 Minotaur Lords after completing the arena quest line.


To join the Fighters Guild first your infamy must be below 100. When you've completed that, you can travel to Anvil's Fighters Guild and speak with Azzan, to Cheydinhal's and speak with Burz gro-Khash or to Chorrol to speak with Vilena Donton. Even though there are Fighters Guilds in every city except Imperial City you can only join and get quests in Anvil, Cheydinhal and Chorrol. Since your first assigned quests are in Anvil, its the best place to join the guild, unless of course you're already in Chorrol or Cheydinhal's guild.

The Fighters Guild[edit]

Most fighters guild quests entail being assigned a problem and talking to everyone involved and finding a solution. Some are the more basic go kill this and come tell me when its done kind of quests though.

Your first couple of quests will be from Azzan, the guy in charge of the Anvil Fighters Guild.

A Rat Problem[edit]

Go to Arvena Thelas' house northwest of the Anvil Fighters Guild and speak with her about Rats. She will send you down to her basement to discover what is killing her pets, a Mountain Lion. Go down to her basement and kill it. When it's dead, speak with her again.

She'll then send you to find Pinarus Inventius, a nearby hunter who may in fact be doing just that, follow your quest marker to his current location. Pinarus will take you northwest of Anvil to kill four more Mountain Lions. Once they are dead return to Arvena, then go back down to the basement. Kill yet another Mountain Lion then go back and speak with Arvena again.

Apprentice, Fighters Guild
10 Gamerscore points
Apprentice, Fighters Guild

Arvena believes it's her neighbor Quill-Weave who is putting the Mountain Lions in her basement, so she sends you out to spy on her. Watching Arvena's back yard shortly before 8pm, do not let Quill-Weave see you, she will drop a piece of meat. The quest will update and you can either confront Quill-Weave or talk to Arvena Thelas. Go along with Quill-Weave and tell her about the Mountain Lions, she may give you free training lesson in Acrobatics if you're not above her skill level. Now, go back and tell Arvena the truth, she will give a leveled amount of gold and Speechcraft training. Return to the Fighters Guild and speak with Azzan to get a promotion.

  • Note: If you did this quest after the Cheydinhal quest you will be promoted to Journeyman.

Unfortunate Shopkeeper[edit]

Talk to Azzan again for the your next contract. When the subject comes up, ask about Norbert Lelles to flag the quest. Follow your quest marker to Anvil Dock and straight to Norbert's shop, Lelles' Quality Merchandise, and talk to him about break-ins. He'll eventually tell you to stay in the shop over night to catch these thieves in the act. They will arrive around 11 pm, so if you are close enough you can sit tight and wait for them to come in, or just wait until then, they'll be in the shop when that's done.

If you're fairly well at stealth attacks, hide in the shadows behind the desk, and wait for them to move a little bit closer to get your sneak attack bonus. You could also use a summoning spell at the top of the stairs and have that creature do most of the work. After you're done killing them follow your quest marker back to Norbert. When you speak with Norbert, tell him about the break-in, he'll say the names are familiar, and how he knew them. He will also reward you with 500 gold to complete the quest.

After you complete Unfortunate Shopkeeper and speak with Azzan again, he'll let you know that the Guild in Cheydinhal needs your assistance, and to go speak with Burz gro-Khash. Gro-Khash is the Orc in charge of the Cheydinhal Fighters Guild.

The Desolate Mine[edit]

In Cheydinhal, locate the Fighters Guild and ask gro-Khash for a contrat, he'll give you this quest. He needs you to deliver a weapon shipment to some members of the Fighters Guild on duty in the Desolate Mine. Make your way to the mine and head in. Find and talk to Rienna inside the mine. Turns out the mines are plagued by a clan of goblins, and the members of the guild will need your help clearing them out after you hand over the weapons. Give Rienna the Bow, the Hume Warrior the Sword, and the Orc Warrior the Hammer.

Journeyman, Fighters Guild
10 Gamerscore points
Journeyman, Fighters Guild

Speak with Rienna again about weapon shipment, and the battle will begin. Follow them down the tunnels, Killing any goblins that get in your way. You have to kill them all to complete the quest. It won't be necessary that the Fighters Guild members survive, but you'll probably want them around to assist you, so assist them too, otherwise you will be facing 5 goblins by yourself at the end. Talk to Rienna, she'll thank you and ask you to report to Burz gro-Khash, for your reward. Head back to Cheydinhal's Fighters Guild, and find gro-Khash. Talk to him about contract, he'll give you your reward. Once that is done, ask him about Advancement and he will promote you to Journeyman.

  • Note: If you did this quest before the two Anvil quests you will be promoted to Apprentice.

Unfinished Business[edit]

Talk to Burz gro-Khash again and he'll refer you to the Fighters Guild in Chorral. Once in Chorral, talk to Vilena Donton, then talk to Modryn Oreyn. Modryn will tell you about a member of the Fighters Guild that's defaulted on a contract. You'll need to travel to Skingrad to find him.

Enter the West Weald Inn of Skingrad and you'll find the fighter, Maglir. He'll admit to not completing his contract and suggests you take care of it.

Head to the nearby Fallen Rock Cave and go inside. Expect to find ancient ghosts, so be prepared with either silver weapons or magic attacks. Inside the cave you'll find the journal of Brenus Astis. Grab it, then head back to Skingrad.

After talking to Maglir, go back to Chorral and complete the quest with Modryn Oreyn. You can tell Modryn the truth or lie to save Maglir's hide. In our experience, it didn't matter which choice we made. The reward is the same no matter what.

Reward Modryn Oreyn will give you 400 gold for completing the quest. On top of that, you'll find a good amount of gold inside the Fallen Rock Cave. You won't get any extra armor or weapons (you're fighting mostly ghosts) but you can get some relatively rare alchemy ingredients.

Drunk and Disorderly[edit]

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Den of Thieves[edit]

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