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Wow the big man himself is giving us quests now. He's not quite as cool in person as when he was a mysterious symbol. Anyways with each quest he hints at a master plan, a final heist that needs a lot of magical items what could he be up to? Now that you're talking to the boss himself he'll let you ignore one of the tenets, namely killing someone while on the job. The quests from here on out can rarely be pulled off without any fighting and they're also longer dungeon crawls. There are some vampires so take a cure disease potion before bed.

Turning a Blind Eye[edit]

You need to have fenced 600 golds worth of goods to begin this quest. In the Imperial City there is an elf named Methredel who carries a message, telling you to travel to Bruma. The Gray Fox aks you to steal Sevillas Stone for him from the Temple of the Ancestor Moths. The Temple is north of Cheydinhal and marked on the map by the Gray Fox. The stone is hidden in the crypt, full of blind priests, traps and maze-like corridors. The priests are blind, but have very good hearing and will attack you. There is a blood price to pay if you kill any innocents. A good sercurity and sneaking is almost esseintial. The stone is in the end chamber and nets a 500 gold reward for returning it to the Gray Fox.

Arrow of Extrication[edit]

To begin this quest you need to have fenced goods worth 700 gold. You will receive a message from the argonain Amusei in the Imperial City, telling you to go to Chorrol. The Gray Fox is waiting there and asks you to steal the Arrow of Extrication from Fathis Aren, a member of the Bravil court. The Arrow is hidden in Fathis Aren's tower, outside the town of Bravil but the door is locked. The only way in is a secret passageway in Fathis Arens room in Castle Bravil. Sneak into the room and activate one of the pillars to open the secret passaeway. Killing any of the gaurds results in a blood price. The passageway contains an assortment of daedra and conjurers. It is also possible to enter this route from a secret trapdoor under the Niben Bay, bypassing the part in the castle. Fathis Aren and the Arrow are in the top of the tower at the end of the passage. The arrow is in the chest, but Fathis will attack you if he sees you take it. He is a member of the mages guild and will result in a suspension if you kill him. Taking the arrow back to the Gray Fox gets you the reward of 500 gold coins, a promotion to Master Thief rank in the guild and access to the best guild fence, Fathis Ulse in Chorrol. If you have completed the Sins of the Father quest without returning the Honorblade to him, he will not speak to you.

Boots of Springheel Jak[edit]

You need to fence 800 golds worth of items to start this quest. You will need to talk to the Gray Fox. Also make sure you have no bounty be fore doing this, you'll see later.

He will tell you that he wants you to recover some boots from a long dead friend. go talk to a beggar in the Imperial City, they will tell you about a count named Jakben in the Talos plaza. Go to his house and pick the lock and make sure it's after 8:00

Find the count and talk to him. He will plead for his life, but just keep advancing through the text. He will give you the crypt key and tell you where the boots are. Get the key and go down stairs into the basement. Follow the arrow to the you see the crypt door. Enter sneak, save than open it. Enter the crypt and take the first right. You will see a locked door and a vampire there. Don’t kill it unless you really want to (you can have it killed later very easily). Sneak to the other side and pick the door's lock. Go in there and sneak past the other vampire. Open the lock and then kill this one. Search the coffin and find that the boots are not their. He lied to you.

Take the diary and read it. (it turns out that Springheel Jak was a vampire) The vampire that was skipped should attack you along with the count. Now run outside and jump around the fountain. They should follow you back up to the streets and continue hitting you. Let the guards kill the count and the vampire. Search the counts' body and find that he is wearing the boots. Take them back to the Gray Fox and receive your reward.

Note: Do not talk to the Gray Fox about anything you find in the house until after you have completed the quest, if you do, this will mean that you cannot start the final quest. Also if you have a blood price from killing Gemellus then talk to Armand before finishing the quest.

The Ultimate Heist[edit]

You need to fence 1000 golds worth of goods to start this


So now you've completed all of the Thieves' Guild quests what do you do now? Well you could just keep on stealing. All guild requirements are now gone, but you can continue adding to your guild tab by selling to your fences.

Guild Headquarters[edit]

During the finale of the Ultimate Heist the Gray Fox gave you the guildmaster's key. Head back to where you first met Armand Christophe all those levels ago and unlock the door. Inside you'll find almost all the Imperial City thieves' hanging out and chatting. There are a could of bed mats if you need some rest and a small room with lockpicks on the table.

Head upstairs and you'll find yourself in a fairly nice house. It's got plenty of books and tableware if you want some and a door to the street that doesn't open. Head upstairs again and you'll meet Armand standing outside the door to your room almost 24/7 (this is ideal for paying off bounties you may have racket up in the Imperial City. Head into your room and see a nice bedroom only for you with a comfy bed and some nice items around the room. There's even a wanted posted of the Gray Fox for you to laugh at.

One of the most useful things about the guild headquarters is that only thieves' may enter. No matter how many guards are chasing you when you enter that door you're safe and you can head upstairs and pay off your bounty to Armand.


Being the Gray Fox

Now that you've got the Mask of the Gray Fox you can become him at will. It's a sweet mask that is ideal for thieves. It has detect life (120 feet!) so you always know where the guards are, Feather 200 so you can carry tons more loot, and stealth +25 to make sure you don't get caught. Overall it's the ultimate headgear for a thief.

It naturally comes at a cost though. When donning the mask you become the Gray Fox and thus you're guilty of all his crimes. Guards will swarm to you if you enter a town with it on and give you no choice but to resist arrest. Of course this can be easily avoided, simply take of the mask before they get to you or if you can't get it off that fast simply take it off and yield to the guard. It's endlessly entertaining watching guards rush towards you with the mask on then greet you pleasantly when you take it off.