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The Purification[edit]

Lucien wants you to systematically eliminate every member of the Cheydinhal Sanctuary family. He gives you a Poisoned Apple and Rufio's ghost on a scroll for assistance. If you require more Poisoned Apples, there is a barrel full in one of the corners in the room, but you must pick the lock on it. When you are ready head into the sanctuary and start thy bidding. Take every piece of food from the table in the living quarters leave a couple of Poisoned Apples if you grabbed a bunch. It is easy to kill off Vincente and Ocheeva when they are sleeping in their rooms, just make sure you close the door behind you. Do this while you wait for someone to possibly eat an apple. On Orcheeva is a Schedule for the one member that is hardly ever in the sanctuary. This is helpful if you are familiar with the names of the week. She should be in the sanctuary on days not listed on the schedule. Try to fight only one Assassin at a time, two will prove to be a handful, especially if the Orc is one of them.

Silencer, Dark Brotherhood
10 Gamerscore points
Silencer, Dark Brotherhood
Reached Silencer rank in the Dark Brotherhood.

Return to Fort Farragut and talk to Lucien. He makes you his personal Silencer and tell you from here on out you may never see him again...Your orders and rewards will be given through dead drop. As a token of his love, he leaves you with his horse, Shadowmere, a strong and fast Stallion that will attack your enemies, provided you're not riding it. Use the trap door to exit and run over to the middle of Fort Farragut where you will find your new horse. Head on over to the first dead drop in the moss covered rock on Hero Hill, south-east of there.

The Dead Drops[edit]

Dead Drop I. Affairs of a Wizard[edit]

The note says to travel to Leafrot Cavern, find and kill a Necromancer who is in mid transformation, he's trying to become a Lich. It also says to look for a clue in the cave, find Celedaen's writings to figure out how to kill him. If you've never been to Leafrot Cave, just travel to Bravil and follow your quest marker. Inside, sneak around if you are able, if not, you'll have to be cautious as you kill off the undead that walk the cavern. There will be two Skeleton's in here and a few goodies to plunder too. After you locate Celedaen's diary, check out what it says, and begin your search for Celedaen.

They are walking around aimlessly, guess its part of the process in becoming a Lich. Sneak up on them and pickpocket the Sands of Resolve and he should collapse momentarily. Take what you can carry if you need to fill your gold purse. After exiting the cave, fast travel to Chorrel, follow your quest marker to the Great Oak. Under it you will come to find your reward, a purse of 500 gold along with the note with the next order.

Dead Drop II. Next of Kin[edit]

The note said you need to kill an entire family, the Draconis. But first, you will have to locate them all by visiting the mother. Seek out Perennia Draconis at Applewatch Farm, just southeast of Cloud Ruler Temple. Enter the Farmhouse and kill Perennia, loot her corpse for the gift list. The list has all their locations marked down and they will instantly be marked on your map.

Head on over to The Drunken Dragon Inn, just northeast of Leyawiin, your target is the proprietor of the Inn, Andreas Draconis. This is an easy situation if you do it right, as you will notice there is also a Legion Guard in there with the two of you. Tell Andreas what you did to his mother and he will attack you. The guard will then assist you and he Andreas will be easy work.

Head back to Leyawiin now and take out Caelia Draconis, careful though as she is a Leyawiin Guard. Where you attack her is not necessarily important because guards are bound to come to her aid no matter what. You're no doubt going to receive a bounty for this one, so be prepared to use the Thieves Guild Doyen to pay off the bounty. Also, on the note of the Thieves Guild. You will receive a penalty here from the Thieves Guild if you are on their quest: The Elven Maiden. Your target guards the item you need to retrieve from that quest, so you are forced to pay the Guild 1000 gold for slaying her. Remember, you're a thief, not a murderer... You can use this to your aid however, if you're rich enough for the penalty, kill two birds with one stone.

Fast travel to Cheydinhal and head southwest to Muck Valley Cavern to find Sibylla Draconis. Enter the cave and look for Sybilla, usually not very far from the entrance. When you're done taking 'em down, get out and head west, or fast travel to the Imperial City.

Go to The Talos Plaza District and look for your target, Mattias, you can kill him out in the open, or you can break into his house while he sleeps. If you don't carry lock picks, grab some before you go in. You might want to eliminate his servant first, then head up to Mattias' room, you're going to have to pick the lock to get in. Mattias is probably the toughest family member, also seems to be the richest.

When the family has been completely slain travel to Castle Skingrad, the Dead Drop is the well in the courtyard. 500 gold and your next orders are within.

Dead Drop III. Broken Vows[edit]

This note asks of you to kill a Master of Hand-to-Hand, a K'jiit by the name of J'Ghasta. The note also says he is expecting trouble and has paid the guards to allow him to defend himself provided the fight breaks out in the streets. The guards will turn and look the other way. J'Ghasta's home is in Bruma, so fast travel there and follow your quest marker to his house.

Inside his house, you might become a little confused by looking at your map. In order to go downstairs where J'Ghasta is, you need to find the trapdoor. Its covered by folded cloths, underneath the staircase. Inside the Secret Training Room, follow the hall through to room and you will see J'Ghasta, he may even be sleeping. Sneak up on him to get your first strike bonus and finish him off. When he's dead, get out of his house and head to the Old Bridge, south of the Waterfront. Underneath the bridge is a decrepit old box with 500 gold and the next orders inside it. You may even hear the chime of a Nirnroot near by too.

Dead Drop IV. Final Justice[edit]

Your goal here is to find and kill an Argonian in hiding named Shaleez. They are said to be dangerous, they are in the Flooded Mine. The name suggests it, the Flooded Mine is in fact filled with water, so grab a few scrolls of water breathing, or equipment if you have it. The mine is north of Bravil.

In the mine, jump in the water and swim, under water head through the passage north. Take the first left, you can surface for air if you didn't bring any scrolls or equipment with fortify water breathing. Follow the quest marker from here, take the tunnel in the water east, Shaleez should be close by now. Follow the marker to her and kill her. Make your way back out, and fast travel to Leyawiin. Your next dead drop is at Fort Redman, north of Lewayiin. There is a coffin outside the Fort's entrance with your reward of 500 gold, and the next orders with Aval Uvani's schedule.

Dead Drop V. A Matter of Honor[edit]

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Dead Drop VI. Coldest Sleep[edit]

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Dead Drop VII. A Kiss Before Dying[edit]

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