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Bethesda has greatly expanded on Oblivion by allowing free construction kits so that anyone can make and distribute their own modifications to the original game. Thousands of modders have taken the challenge and have done everything from create new items, to balance the radiant AI.

How to Use Mods[edit]

  • First of all find the mod you want and download it.
  • Most mods will be in the ZIP format so unzip them once you've downloaded them
    • Some mods that are not in Zip format may require you to download a new decompression tool. 7zip is the most common of these tools and can be downloaded for free. It can decompress .rar, .zip, .ace, and .7z files. If you run across a mod that cannot be dowloaded as a zip you'll need to use a tool like 7zip to decompress it.
  • Once you've decompressed the folder you'll have a folder with several programs in it. Most modders include a readme with instuctions. If the readme varies from this guide follow it.
  • The folder usually contains a .ESP file. It could also be a .BSA, .BIK, .ESM, or any other number of extensions.
  • Take the ESP file (or whatever the readme says) and move it to C:/Program Files/Bethesda Softworks/Oblivion/Data this address can easily be found by accessing my computer and going to each of the files named in order.
    • During installation you may have named the program folder something other than Bethesda Softworks, if you did use that instead.
  • Start up Oblivion and instead of choosing Start click Data Files. There should be a list including the mod(s) you installed. Check the box to the left of the mod(s) you want to apply and start up the game

Official mods[edit]

Knights of the Nine[edit]

The Knights of the Nine is the most expensive plug-in for Oblivion, but this is because it delivers the most content. With a whole new quest series, faction to join, set of armor, and brand new locales it's a substantial edition to satisfy any Oblivion fan's thirst for more content.

Spell Tomes[edit]

A simple add-on Spell Tomes adds books into the world of Oblivion that teach spells simply by reading them. nice for spellcasters, but not worth it for most others.

The Vile Lair[edit]

The Vile Lair expansion creates the new location Deepscorn Hollow. This place is designed for an evil character and is the first real home base for vampires. It features a healing stone that can cure vampirism even for the infamous, a depiction of Sithis to worship, a human for those times when you're thirty, and a minion who you can send on a killing spree. All this makes a nice little place for villainous characters to stay.

Mehrunes' Razor[edit]

Mehrunes' Razor adds a new dungeon to Oblivion larger than all the other ones on the original CD it's simply massive. There are 17 new items and 12 books hidden within and a new weapon that has the potential to kill in one hit.

The Thieves Den[edit]

A new pirate ship is added to the game that makes an excellent hideout for thieves and assassins. Full of minions, fences, and trainers it's the perfect place to equip your master thief.

Wizard's Tower[edit]

Surpassing even the Arcane University the Wizard's Tower is the best place to train a spellcaster. There is a garden and laboratory for alchemists as well as an enchanting and spell making station. There are warps to every Mage's Guild Hall in Cyrodill and the view from the tower is the highest point in all of Oblivion.


An entirely new quest is opened up to retrieve mechanical pieces from bandits. Once they are collected you can reconstruct the Orrery at the Arcane University. This massive machine projects stars and planets onto the ceiling like a super planetarium. Beyond looking at this marvelous effect you can use it to influence stats by looking at the stars.

Horse Armor[edit]

A purely cosmetic add-on the Horse armor is exactly what it sounds like, armor for your horse. If your horse is often fighting then this will help, but for the most part it's for looks.