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Heavy armor not your thing? Prefer stealth to violence? Like to steal shiny things? The Thieves' Guild is the perfect place for you. The guild quests mainly consisting one thing or another from some unsuspecting sucker without getting caught. It also encourages you to rob people on your own and sell your stolen items to special guild vendors.


Every guild has tenets that you must follow and the Thieves' Guild is no exception.

  1. Do not steal from any guild member.
  2. Do not kill any guild member.
  3. Do not kill anyone while you're on a guild quest. This is the trickiest one because even if they attack you, you still aren't allowed to kill them. If you do though then you get into the Dark Brotherhood without getting arrested.

Getting Back In[edit]

So you broke the rules and now the thieves are mad at you eh? Well as with any good thief money fixes anything so the first time you get kicked out of the guild paying Armand a thousand gold is enough to get back in. It's a bit difficult since you can't turn in stolen loot, but you'll manage.


The Thieves Guild does not have branches open to the public in the same way as the mages and fighters guilds, so joining is a bit trickier then other guilds.

Method 1

To join the Thieves Guild you will first need to accumulate a little jail time. So steal something in the imperial trade district and go to jail when a guard catches you. After your release visit the waterfront district and a female dark elf (Dunmer) should give you a note with where to meet.

Method 2
Ask the Bum:

Alternatively you could become good buddies with the beggar in the waterfront district. You'll probably have to bribe him a little. Then ask him about Gray Fox and he'll tell you where the meeting occurs.

The Meeting

For those of you who are too impatient to have to treat this like an actual quest. All you have to do is meet behind one of the houses in the waterfront district at midnight. Just walk around at around 11:30 and talk to the guy with the torch.

List of Fences[edit]

Fences are the only people who will buy your ill gotten goods so if you're going to be a thief, team player or not, you'll want to know who and where they are.

Fence name Rank required Location
Ongar Any Rank Olav's Tap and Tack in Bruma
Dar Jee Bandit Leyawiin
Luciana Galena Cat Burglar Bravil
Orrin Shadowfoot Castil Anvil
Fathis Ules Gray Fox Very irregular with some known glitches

Thieves' Guild quests[edit]

Most thieves' guild quests are planned heists of specific valuable objects. All quests are assigned by either a Doyen or the guildmaster. A lot of these quests include breaking the law, but if you do it right then you'll get away with it. Also if you are caught in a heist with the item feel free to surrender to the guard they can't take quest items, stolen or not away from you.