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  • P, L, Z and X: For the ZX and C64 versions, you must use these keys to make Fred walk up, down, left and right; however, in the CPC and MSX versions, you will have to use O and K to move up and down instead, while in the Amiga version, you will have to use a joystick, and in the SMS version you shall obviously have to use the SMS gamepad. You will also have to use Space in the ZX, C64, CPC and MSX versions to make Fred paint the wall in the first level, jump in the second and fourth, and throw the bowling ball in the third - and in the Amiga version, this is replicated by the button upon the joystick while in the SMS version it is replicated by both the 1 button and 2 button buttons upon the gamepad. You can also press H to pause and resume the game in the ZX, C64, CPC and MSX versions, and Ctrl and Shift (or Stop) or Shift and Run/Stop to abandon it.

Frederick J. Flintstone[edit]

TF1988 Fred Flintstone.png

The protagonist of the game (whose middle initial was again given as "F." and "W." in two episodes of the show) is again depicted as yellow in the ZX version of the game due to technical limitations; after getting home from work one Friday, he was looking forward to the final of the Bedrock Super Bowl on Sunday, but on Saturday, his wife Wilma reminded him that he'd promised to paint the wall of the living room before her mother who he did not care much for showed up that day. Fred now not only has to paint the wall before Wilma returns with her mother, but he also has to keep his daughter Peebles in her playpen while doing so (because if she escapes, she shall draw all over the wall and he will have to paint over her messes) - and if he manages to finish the task in time, he will set off for the Bedrock Super Bowl competition, with his neighbour Barnard (Barney) Rubble, but his car shall lose a wheel on the way, so he will have to jack it up, then find a replacement wheel, and fit it to the car. If he manages to make it to the Bedrock Super Bowl competition, he will have to play a bowling match against Barney (who is prone to cheating) - and, if he manages to win, he and Barney will return home to find that Peebles has escaped from her playpen and disappeared, and eventually find her on a stone girder above the new building site, which means that he will have to make his way across to her and save her. If he manages to do so, he will get to go to the Drive-In Cinema (which appeared in Yabba-Dabba-Doo as one of Wilma's hangouts) with Wilma and the Rubbles and the game will end.