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The streets are full of tension: Sollozzo and his dirty cop McCluskey call a meeting...

Michael Corleone - The prodigal son struggling with his destiny

  • Respect: +15,000
  • Money: $20,000
  • 5 Moneybags: $5,000
Drive to Louis' Restaurant before Sollozzo gets there
Sneak up behind this guy and strangle him with your garrote wire

Talk to Clemenza to get more instructions about your mission. Then get in a car and drive over to Louis' Restaurant. You have three minutes to get there which should be plenty of time. When you get there, park your car in the blue spot. The game will fade out, then fade back in with you out of the car and facing the alley where you need to go. Hide just to the left of the alley to get a safe peek at the situation. You'll see a Tattaglia standing guard. Take out your garrote wire, sneak up behind the guard, and strangle him with it or use a neck snap which is quicker.

Pressure the worker into unlocking the back door
Plant the gun behind the toilet

Sneak further down the alley and do the same to the next guard. If you're spotted too early to use the garrote, go to plan B and strangle him with your hands. That will be the last of the guards, so you can run to the back now where you will find a worker. Pressure him into unlocking the door for you. Go into the kitchen, through the doors, and to the right. Go into the bathroom and to the blue marker.

After Sollozzo is whacked, you'll have to fight off a bunch of angry Tattaglias
Go upstairs to collect the bonus moneybags

After the cutscene, you will find yourself in the restaurant surrounded by Tattaglias. Blow them away as quickly as possible, then go into the door on the left (when facing the front of the restaurant). Go up the stairs and collect the five hidden bonus moneybags. Also if you have plenty of time, you can pressure the owner into handing the cash to the Corleones every week before you go on the mission.

Shake the Tattaglias and get Michael to the docks to complete the mission

Then come back down, out the front door, and get to the car Michael is in to the right. Be careful cause there will be tons of Tattaglias outside. You're probably best off just sprinting to the car as soon as you get outside. Once you're in the car, you will need to drive Michael to the docks. Like the other car chases, you'll have to ram your pursuers off the road. Also, make sure you go north enough before turning left, or you'll find yourself driving to New Jersey under the road you want to get to. When you get to the docks, park in the blue spot. This will complete the mission.

Walk over to the guy in black and talk to him. He'll tell you that the Family is gathering at the Falconite. Go there and talk to Tom Hagen. He'll inform you that you are becoming a "made man" and being promoted to Soldier. Now walk into the blue circle and it will begin the cutscene in which you are officially brought into the Family and promoted to Soldier. You will receive a +15,000 respect bonus and $25,000 dollars. Now walk over to Don Vito and talk to him. He'll give you an odd little speech. Now head to the exit. If you're in the mood for a hit contract, talk to Clemenza. Otherwise, head outside and across the street and talk to the guy in black. He'll tell you that Frankie is looking for you. Go to your apartment in Midtown. Walk into the blue circle in front of the door to the apartment and it will start the next mission.