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...on the day of the Baptism, it has begun. With Tessio and Moe Green dead, Michael makes demands on Family loyalty like never before. Now is the hour...

Al Neri - Michael's most trusted confidant

  • Respect: +175,000
  • Money: $150,000
  • 3 Moneybags: $50,000
Clemenza will tell you about the first hit

Your first objective is to go to the Palladio Willow flower shop in Midtown and talk to Clemenza. He'll tell you that you are to assassinate Don Stracci.

When the elevator reaches the lobby, kill Don Stracci
Help Clemenza finish off the rest of the Straccis in the building

Drive to the St. Alban's Hotel and park in front. Then go in the hotel and up the stairs. Make sure you keep your weapons hidden. Talk to the Stracci at the top of the stairs and he will unlock the door for you. Then go straight and to the left and talk to the Stracci there. He will unlock that door for you. Go inside and talk to Don Stracci. Then go into the left elevator and wait for Don Stracci to get there. He walks very slow, so be patient. When the elevator reaches the bottom, pull out a gun and kill him. Then help Clemenza kill the rest of the Straccis there.

Talk to Willie to get info on the next hit

After they're all dead, talk to Clemenza. He'll tell you that Willie Cicci is waiting for you at a barbershop in Hell's Kitchen. Go there and talk to Willie. He will tell you that your next hit is Don Cuneo and to drive to the Savannah hotel in Midtown.

As soon as Don Cuneo stops in front of the doorway, take him out
Help Willie kill the rest of the Cuneos in the building

Do what he says and park in the blue area. Then talk to him again. He'll go into the hotel. Just sit tight and stay crouched behind the car with your weapons concealed. You'll see when Don Cuneo comes out because he'll have the target symbol above his head. When he comes out and stops, draw your weapon and take him out. If you don't do it right away, it's okay. Just try to take him out quickly. Shoot the car that him and the rest of the Cuneos are using for cover and make sure he and the rest of them are killed. When they are, head into the garage to the left of the front entrance. Find the door that leads into the hotel, then go inside and help Willie finish off the Cuneos inside.

Rocco will inform you that the next hit is Don Tattaglia
Talk to the prostitute to find out where the nearest brothel is

Then talk to him again. He will tell you to meet Rocco in Brooklyn. Go out the front door and steal a car quick. More Cuneos in cars will be after you. Try to shake them as you head to Brooklyn. Once you reach the bridge, you should be safe. Go into the Embassy Club and talk to Rocco. He'll tell you that your next hit is Don Tattaglia and that he's shacked up with a hooker somewhere nearby, but he's not sure where. Go outside and turn to the right and talk to the hooker there. She'll tell you to go to the St. Sebastain hotel if you ever get lonely. This is probably where Don Tattaglia is.

Watch out for the Tattaglia on the staircase

No need to steal another car, you can get there easily on foot. Take cover next to the front door and kill the Tattaglia in the lobby. Then go up the stairs and kill the enemy on the first landing. Then go up the next flight of stairs carefully, as there is another enemy lurking there.

Take out Don Tattaglia with a headshot

Go up to the third floor and take cover between the two doors. Shoot the guy behind the couch through the left door. Then run in the room and crouch behind that same couch. Wait for the Tattaglia to emerge from the door ahead and kill him. Then kill the enemy in the other half of the room. Take cover next to the door where Don Tattaglia is. Open it and you'll find him with a gun to a hooker's head. Take him out with a headshot.

Talk to a disguised Al Neri to learn about the fourth and final hit
Keep cool until Al gives the signal

Then talk to Rocco. He'll tell you to meet Al Neri in front of the police station in Little Italy. This time, you'll have to deal with Tattaglia goons tailing you. When you get to the police station, talk to Al. Then drive to the courthouse like he says and park in the blue spot. Keep crouched behind the car with your weapons concealed.

Finally - time to avenge your father!
Go up the courthouse steps to collect the bonus moneybags

When Al gives the signal, draw your gun and kill all the Barzinis quick before they kill you. Don't worry about Don Barzini at this point. Once the rest of the Barzinis are dead, head to where Don Barzini is. There will be a cutscene in which you remember Don Barzini killing your father. Now you can take your revenge. Kill him anyway you like. The police will be all over you at this point, but before you steal a car, run up the courthouse steps and collect the hidden bonus moneybags. You have to collect them after you kill Don Barzini - they won't be there before.

The police are afraid to enter the Corleone Compound - and rightly so

Now steal a car quickly. Your objective is not to escape the police by getting to a safehouse or anything, you must instead last two and a half minutes without being caught or killed. You can drive around in circles if you like, but I find the best strategy is to go to the Corleone compound which isn't very far away. Drive to the back of the compound and crouch behind the stone walls. The police generally won't follow you into the compound, but if some do, you'll have allies to help you fight them.

After the two and a half minutes are up, drive back to the Baptism and park in the blue spot. After the cutscene, the mission will be complete.

After the mission, walk up to one of the guys in black. They'll tell you that the Family is meeting back at the compound. But depending on your progress, you need an income of $500,000 by taking over more shops and stores to maximize your income. Then go to the compound and walk up to the front steps. This will start a cutscene in which you are promoted to Underboss. You will earn a +250,000 respect bonus and $150,000 cash. Congratulations, you have completed all the main storyline missions!

Take over the four rival family compounds to be promoted to Don. Then take over all warehouses, hubs, businesses, and rackets to become Don of NYC.