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Luigi Fusco is a Tattaglia Capo who's been recruiting local women to help smuggle drugs from California. He's charming, but brutal. Stop Luigi from preying on New Jersey's women, and send the Tattaglias a message they won't forget.

  • Reward: $1,500 +3,000 Respect
  • Bonus Condition: Use a lead pipe
  • Bonus Reward: $7,500 +15,000 Respect
Kill Fusco's men from behind the brick wall
After his men are dead, kill Fusco with a lead pipe

This hit is pretty straightforward. Go in the alley where Fusco is. Take cover behind the brick wall just before you get to him and his men. Take all his men out from there. Then take out your lead pipe, run up to Fusco, and beat him to death with it.