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Sonny has put Carlo in his place, and is guiding operations with a mighty fist. The Tattaglias are in ruins, but they still fight on - whose bloody hand is secretly controlling them?

Don Vito - Recovering but ready to pass the reins

  • Respect: +40,000
  • Money: $45,000
  • 3 Moneybags: $15,000
The bonus moneybags are in the tollbooth on the right

Sonny will suddenly run to his car and speed off. You must follow him quickly. Don't worry about talking to Tom or the other Corleone need to jump in a car and chase him immediately. If he gets too far ahead you will fail the mission. Once you near the tolls, it will start a cutscene and Sonny will be no more. Your next objective is to follow the assassins. Speed up to the toll booths then slam on your brakes when you get there. Get out of the car and go into the toll booth on the right. There you will find the three hidden bonus moneybags.

These guys are tough - try not to get knocked off course

Now get back in your car and floor it. Collecting the moneybags and successfully chasing the assassins is probably the hardest objective of the whole game, so don't get too frustrated when you must attempt it several times. It's difficult because you can't let the assassins get too far away, but collecting the money burns a lot of time, plus you are going to have to contend with people chasing you and knocking you off the road and slowing you down. Like always, you must simply do your best to knock them into obstacles before they do the same to you or blow your car up.

Kill these guys, then go through the gap in the fence

Follow the assassins to their warehouse and park just in front of the entrance. Your next objective is to find the tollbooth attendant that helped in Sonny's hit. Take cover behind the small room with the window on either side of the entrance. Fire into the warehouse and take out all the guys you can from there. Then progress towards the back, taking cover behind the boxes and taking out any remaining enemies. On the left side there will be a break in the fence that you can go through. Take out the two guys behind it, then proceed into the building ahead.

Kill this guy, then interrogate the tollbooth attendant

Go inside and up the stairs. If you need health, go to the left when you reach the top of the stairs to find a health bottle. Otherwise, turn right to find another enemy and the toll booth guy. Take out the enemy, then talk to the toll booth guy. He'll tell you that the assassins went to a club on the west side. Your next objective is to drive to that club which is the Tunnel Club in Hell's Kitchen.

Use the wall next to the door for cover to kill the enemies inside the club

Leave the warehouse and steal the first car you can find. You have five minutes to get to the club which is plenty of time. Just use your map and you'll do fine. Park in the blue spot in front of the club. Hide behind your car and take out the Tattaglia guarding the entrance. Then go inside and start shooting as you find some cover. Take out all the enemies in the front room. Then take cover next to one of the doors leading into the actual club and take out the enemies in that room from there.

Use the boxes for cover to take out the enemies in this room

Then go in the door and go all the way to the right and into that room to collect the health bottle if you need it. Then go back into the main club room and head towards the back and the right. You will find an entranceway leading into a room with stairs. Go down the stairs and through the door at the bottom. Use the boxes on the left for cover and kill what enemies you can from there.

Talk to this guy, his woman, then him again to get the info you need

Then progress further into the room and use the columns for cover to kill the rest of the enemies. Once they are all dead, the door you need to go through will be unlocked and a blue marker will appear above it. Go into that room and talk to the Tattaglia there. Then talk to his woman to convince him to tell you what you want to know. Then talk to him again and he'll tell you that it is Don Barzini that is controlling the Tattaglias. Also, you can blow the safe, killing the Tattaglias in the process.

Return to the Corleone Compound to complete the mission

Your next objective is to return to the Corleone Compound. You will have five minutes to do so. Leave the room and if you need health, go to the room straight ahead to collect the health bottle. Now leave the club and drive to the compound. Head up to the front door and it will start a cutscene. After the cutscene, the mission will be complete.

After the mission is complete, go to the Corleone Compound and talk to Michael. He will promote you to Capo. You get a +50,000 respect bonus and $50,000 dollars. Then talk to Michael again. He will tell you that the FBI is doing an investigation in Little Italy. You are to meet up with Monk near the Bowery hotel on Pitt St. and find out what the FBI knows and who they are talking to. When you get there, you'll see a blue circle. Walk into it to begin the next mission.

Special note: Depending on how far you've gone to become a godfather, one of their capos will tell you that the Don is worried that you haven't got your hands dirty and wants you to do at least 4 hits (yellow circles that appears on your map) before you get promoted. It's highly recommended that you do all the hits after your meeting with Clemenza in the compound ... at least four times.