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Godfather deathtotraitor 01.png

1946: With Don Vito still recovering, Sonny Corleone has a hunch about who betrayed the Godfather. He orders Clemenza to get the job done.

Paulie Gatto - About to learn the price of disloyalty

  • Respect: +17,000
  • Money: $10,000
  • 10 Moneybags: $20,000
Protect the shopkeeper from these Tattaglias

The first order of business is to get some weapons that Clemenza hid on the second floor of a restaurant. Go into the restaurant, through the door in the back, and up the stairs. Collect the bomb and other weapons. You'll hear some Tattaglias threatening the shop owner. Take cover on the wall and shoot down at them.

Follow Clemenza and Paulie to the shop

When they're dead, go downstairs and talk to the shop owner. He'll tell you that he has something for you. Follow him back upstairs and he will unlock the door up there. Go through the door and collect the items in there. Then go back downstairs and out of the shop and talk to Clemenza. He'll tell you to plant the bomb on the second floor of the shop you're about to go to. Then follow him and Paulie to the shop.

Take out the three Tattaglias in the front room
There's a health bottle in the room up ahead, but be careful - a Tattaglia will run out as you approach the door

Crouch down and enter the shop. There will be two guys behind the bar and a third to the right of the bar. Kill those guys, then go through the double doors to the right of the bar. There will be a room on the left. As you approach the door, a Tattaglia will emerge, so be ready to gun him down. If you need health, there is a health bottle in the room.

Take out the three Tattaglias in this room
Plant the bomb here so you're as close as possible to the way out

Then go up the stairs, but be cautious because a Tattaglia will try to surprise you as you go up them. Then turn left and run to the large entranceway. Take cover to the right of it, and take out the three enemies inside the room. Then plant the bomb as close to the entranceway as you can.

Sprint to the room on the left - ignore the enemy that emerges
Collect the bonus moneybags quick, then get the hell out of the building

Once you plant the bomb, run as quickly as you can out of the room and to the doorway on the left. The door will open and a Tattaglia will emerge. Ignore him and run as quick as you can into the room. There you will find ten hidden bonus moneybags! Collect them as fast as you can.

Watch out for the explosives that Paulie detonates
Death to the traitor!

Then run downstairs and out of the building before the bomb goes off. After the cutscene, follow Paulie into the railyard, but take it slow. He will shoot boxes of explosives and blow them up as you approach them. Eventually you will corner him. Just keep low and take him out whenever you have the chance.

Ram the police cars to get them off your back
Pull into the blue spot behind the safehouse

After the cutscene, you will need to outrun the police. Ram them off the road and into objects whenever they approach. As you get near the safehouse, be sure not to turn left too early. You will need to get to the safehouse from the rear, so go to the absolute end of the street before turning left. After you do, you will see a row of blue arrows pointing you left into the alley behind the safehouse. Turn left there and park the car in the blue area. This will complete the mission.

Talk to Clemenza and he'll tell you that Paulie's safehouse is now yours. Then talk to the guy behind him. He'll tell you to lay low for a while and that they'll call you when they need you. Use this time to extort some businesses, hijack some racket trucks, or whatever else you want. After a while, you will get a notice to check the phones. Get to the nearest phone and you will get a call from Clemenza. He will tell you to acquire a time bomb and then to meet him at a warehouse in Midtown. First, go to the blue circle on your map to buy the bomb from the black market merchant that is there. Then meet Clemenza at the warehouse. This will start the next mission.