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Big Bobby Toro is a Barzini Capo who is wanted by the Corleones. The Barzinis know that there's only one place in the world where he can't be touched - the jail on Riker's Island. Stop Bobby Toro from getting to Riker's, but don't kill any police in the process. The Corleones don't need any more heat!

  • Reward: $7,500 +7,500 Respect
  • Bonus Condition: Don't kill any police officers
  • Bonus Reward: $37,500 +37,500 Respect
If you bribe the police chief, you can get past the cops without them bothering you
Use free-aim mode to give Big Bobby a big boo-boo

The first thing you need to do is to go across the street and bribe the police chief. Doing this will allow you to walk past all the cops right to Toro without any problems. Make sure you use free-aim mode to kill him though. If you try to target him, the game will target all the cops around instead.

If you have enough health, the quickest way to complete the mission is to simply dash past the police and blast Big Bobby to kingdom come with a Street Sweeper shot. The mission will be a success and you can leave the scene running. Enter a car, and make a quick getaway. The police will not follow you.