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Bobby Marcolini is a Cuneo Soldier who killed one of Clemenza's friends. This hit is not sanctioned by the Corleones, so it must look like an accident - try throwing him off a roof or bridge.

  • Reward: $1,500 +4,500 Respect
  • Bonus Condition: Make it look like an accident - throw Bobby off a bridge or roof
  • Bonus Reward: $7,500 +22,000 Respect
When you get into range, kill the first of Marcolini's men
After getting a little closer, turn to the right and take out this guy

Coming from the west, drive up to the left side of West Side Highway where it divides in two. You will see the Little Italy sign above the right side. Get out of your car and progress east with your weapon drawn, continually pressing LT button (on the Wii, you use Z button to target enemies or objects) to determine when you are in range of the nearest Cuneo. When you are, and if it's not Marcolini himself, shoot and kill him. Then progress a little further until you see steps on the right side. Beyond the steps should be another Cuneo, so shoot and kill him.

Watch out for the guy at the bottom of the stairs
Shoot Marcolini in the knee from the stairs

Then walk up slowly to the steps until you see the Cuneo at the bottom of them. Target his head while he still can't see you, then move into position and kill him. Go down the steps slowly. Marcolini is down there to the left. Shoot out his kneecap as soon as you are in range to do so.

See ya Bobby...have a nice flight

Then run up to him, beat him until his health is low, stand him up, hold him over the ledge, and throw him over.