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The Corleones are losing favor with the local police chiefs, and Pietro Testa, a Barzini Capo, is the reason why. He's been earning their loyalty in exchange for special privileges at Barzini brothels. Send the Barzinis a message by assassinating Testa when he's shaking hands with the chief.

  • Reward: $5,000 +8,000 Respect
  • Bonus Condition: Kill Pietro when he is shaking hands with the Police Chief
  • Bonus Reward: $25,000 +40,000 Respect
Sneak up behind the green car
Shoot Testa while he is shaking hands with the police chief

Testa will be between the archway on Chambers St. Pull out your pistol, crouch down, and creep up behind the green car. Position the crosshairs on Testa's head. Wait until he's shaking hands with the police chief, then pull the trigger.