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Jack Woltz is blackballing Don Vito's godson, the famous singer Johnny Fontane. Tom Hagen is sent to deal with Woltz and make him an offer he can't refuse...

Jack Woltz - Big shot movie mogul daring to cross the Corleones

  • Respect: +12,500
  • Money:' $15,000
  • 1 Moneybag: $20,000
Stay behind Rocco and let him lead the sneaking until you get to the stables
Go up to the blue marker in the stables

Time to show Woltz what happens when you mess with the Corleones. Crouch down and stay behind Rocco. Don't go anywhere until he does first. Eventually you'll get to the stables. Go to the blue marker and wait for Rocco.

Use a bare-handed strangle to silence this guard

When he tells you to stand guard, head back to the entrance of the stables. After the cutscene, a guard will come running in. Strangle him before he alerts the other guards. But if you unlock the neck snap, this will help snap them down easier.

Don't kill innocents like butlers or maids in the Woltz compound
For some reason, the guards aren't innocent, so be sure to strangle them

Your next objective is to deliver the "package" to Woltz's room. Head out of the stables and up the stairs. There will be a guard at the top. Sneak up behind him and strangle him with the garrote wire. Then head to the left, up the stairs, and through the door into the kitchen. Wait for the butler to leave, then go through the large entrance to the right of where the butler went. To the right will be a smaller doorway with a guard just beyond it. Garrote him then go up the big spiral staircase and garrote the guard at the top.

Wait for the maid and guard to finish their chat
Collect the moneybag on the balcony

Go to the left of the door and wait for the maid to disappear into the next room. Then go down the hall and wait to the right of the next doorway for the maid and guard to finish talking and for the maid to go off to the right. Then creep down the hall and garrote that guard. Then turn to the right and open the door directly ahead. Don't try to kill the guard there or you will be spotted by the guards below. Just creep to the left, collect the hidden bonus moneybag, turn around, and go back out the door.

Wait for Rocco to catch up

Now go down the hallway to the blue marker and just wait there for Rocco. When he gets there, there will be a cutscene and the mission will be complete.

After the mission, you find yourself back in a room in Corcoran's Perch. Go out the door and talk to Rocco. He'll tell you to meet Tom at Chateau Leive in Midtown. Then talk to the guy in the black jacket. He'll advise you to purchase weapon upgrades. Now go to the Chateau Lieve and talk to Tom. He'll inform you that the family is giving you the apartment there as a token of gratitude. He also says to meet him at the Compound when you get a chance. Go in the apartment and talk to Frankie. Then go downstairs and talk to Jaggy. He'll advise you to take down the Verona Warehouse. Go outside and talk to the guy there. He'll give you a hint about what the next mission will be. Now head to the Compound. When you walk up to the front door, the next mission will start.