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Godfather intensivecare 01.png

The hospital is deserted - Tessio's men have been sent away, and only a few guards remain. Inside, Don Vito lies helpless to the destiny that awaits him...

Frances 'Frankie' Malone - Monk's sister. Is she just another temptation?

  • Respect: +6,000
  • Money: $5,000
  • 1 Moneybag: $2,000
Kill the assassin and take his pistol
Go in the room to the right to collect a shotgun

You've been sent to the hospital for guard duty. Better go inside and check things out. The first thing you'll need to do is to check in with the security guard so that he'll unlock the door for you. Unfortunately, he will also take away all your weapons (you get them back when the mission is over). Next, you need to find Monk's room. Go up the stairs, turn left, and go down the hall and through the double doors. Talk to Frankie. As you're talking, you'll hear a noise. Someone has come to assassinate the Don! He is in the opposite room that you can see through the glass window. Crouch down and go over to that door. Open it, wait for him to come through, and then strangle or beat him to death. Collect his pistol. After the cutscene, your next objective is to clear the basement of assassins. Go forward a little, turn to the right, and go down the stairs. Then turn left. There will be a room up ahead to the right and, beyond that, stairs to the left. Go in the room first and collect the shotgun, then go down the stairs.

Watch out for the guy hiding in this room

You'll see some more Tattaglias through the locked double doors. Turn left and go through those double doors. Wait for a second and an enemy will approach you from the right. This one will be unarmed, so you may want to fight him hand to hand to conserve ammo. Now go to the right where he just came from and take cover on the wall next to the double doors. There will be an enemy in the room, so take out your weapon, open the doors and blast him away.

Just go through the halls, take cover, and kill your enemies when they appear
Hide here and shoot through the window to finish these guys off

Then go to the left side of the hallway where there is an indentation in the wall and take cover there. There will be enemies down the hall, so use your cover to rub them out. Then go down the hall, turn right, and repeat (take cover on the left and shoot the enemies down the hall). Then go down that hall a bit and take cover on the wall to the right, on the right side of the entranceway. Use that for cover and take care of the next batch of Tattaglia scum. If you need it, there is a health bottle in the first room to the right. Now go down the hallway carefully, taking cover wherever you can and taking out any enemies that appear. Go to the end of the hall, but instead of going through the double doors in front of you, go into the last room on the left. Go to the left side of the window and take cover there. Finish off the last of the assassins in the next room.

Don't talk to Michael yet - go up the stairs on the right
You'll find the bonus moneybag in the Don's room

Frankie will then run by and go into that room. Go in there and talk to her. She'll get into the ambulance to go find Tom Hagen for help. After the cutscene, go back out of the room, then to the left up the stairs. Take cover on the wall to the right and go to the edge. There will be another two Tattaglias for you to send to hell. After they are dead, Michael will run into the hall ahead of you. don't talk to him yet! Go up the stairs to the right of him, then make a left and a right into the Don's room. The hidden bonus moneybag will be in his room.

Now you can go back down the stairs and talk to Michael. After the cutscene, the mission will be complete.

Once you leave the hospital, you will see a Corleone up ahead to the left who wants to talk to you. He will tell you to meet Clemenza at a tailor shop on Mulberry. Go to the tailor shop and talk to good ol' Petey. He will tell you about a New Year's Eve party going on at Rosa's that evening. Then talk to Jaggy Jovino. He'll tell you about weapon upgrades. Next, talk to Michael. He'll give you the scoop on doing favors for people. Now, get on over to Rosa's and get your party on! This will start the next mission.