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Spoiler warning! This section of the article contains spoilers, or hints about the game's storyline or progression.

You might want to skip down to the next heading if you do not want facts about the game's storyline or plot revealed to you.

  • The Alley - After Luca teaches you to fight, look for a wooden crate nearby. Attack it repeatedly to break it. Inside will be a $1000 moneybag. For some reason, this isn't considered a "bonus" moneybag, but hey, it's still money.
  • A Grave Situation - Before you beat up the college kids, run to the opposite corner of the graveyard and you'll find the bonus moneybag there.
  • Sleeping With the Fishes - The bonus moneybag is in some boxes next to the first dummy you practice shooting on.
  • The Don is Dead - After interrogating the Tattaglia Capo, shoot up the tan car on the left side of the bridge to blow it up. The bonus moneybag is underneath it.
  • Tom Is Still Missing - When you reach the first blue marker, there will be a cutscene. After the cutscene, crouch down and go through the hole in the fence. Then run over to the boxes in front of you and to the left. Break them to reveal the bonus moneybag.
  • Intensive Care - After Frankie leaves in the ambulance and you kill the last two Tattaglias, you will see Michael run into the hall ahead of you. DON'T TALK TO HIM YET! Go up the stairs to the right of him, then make a left and a right into the Don's room. The bonus moneybag will be in his room.
  • Fireworks - The four bonus moneybags are each in a separate crate on the roof where you fight Sergaent Galtosino.
  • Death to the Traitor - Once you plant the bomb, run as quickly as you can out of the room and to the doorway on the left. The door will open and a Tattaglia will emerge. Ignore him and run as quick as you can into the room. There you will find the ten bonus moneybags.
  • Special Delivery - After getting out of the delivery truck inside the warehouse, go up the stairs of the building on the right. When you go up the stairs, turn to the right and break the crate there to reveal the bonus moneybag.
  • Horseplay - After killing the guard who had been flirting with the maid, turn to the right and crouch through the door directly ahead. Don't try to kill the guard there or you will be spotted by the guards below. Just turn to the left, and you will find the bonus moneybag. Note that there are two doors to the balcony and you should take the northern one.
  • A Recipe for Revenge - After the cutscene in which Michael kills Sollozzo, you will find yourself in the restaurant surrounded by Tattaglias. Blow them away as quickly as possible, then go into the door on the left (when facing the front of the restaurant). Go up the stairs and you will find the five bonus moneybags.
  • Now It's Personal - After parking at the church, go to the right into the graveyard. In the small stone structure you will find the three bonus moneybags.
  • The Silent Witness - Drive to the funeral home and park in the blue spot. Then, with your back to the funeral home, cross the street and go to the right. You will get a warning telling you that you are almost exiting the mission boundaries. Keep going a little further anyway until you see a nook to your left with a burning barrel in it. Behind the barrel is the bonus moneybag. You must collect it after parking in the blue spot. It won't be there before.
  • Sonny's War - You will find the ten bonus moneybags on the roof of Holden Holdings.
  • Change of Plans - After Sonny is killed, drive up to the tollbooths ahead. Get out of the car and go into the toll booth on the right. There you will find the three bonus moneybags.
  • Order to Kill - Right at the beginning of the mission, after talking to Monk, head forward a little then turn left and you should see the bonus moneybags hiding behind a wall.
  • It's Only Business - In the basement, in the room with the counterfeiting machines, the bonus moneybag is in a crate in the corner.
  • A Royal Flush - To the left of the hotel worker in red, the one that gives you the password for downstairs, is a room. The three bonus moneybags are in that room.
  • Baptism by Fire - After killing Don Barzini, run up the courthouse steps. The bonus moneybags are up there behind a pillar. You have to collect them after you kill Don Barzini - they won't be there before.