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1955: With Michael in charge and ready for revenge, Don Vito's negotiated peace with the Five Families is fragile and everyone is on edge...

Monk - Frustrated by his outsider status

  • Respect: +75,000
  • Money: $50,000
  • 5 Moneybags: $5,000
Collect the moneybags behind the brick wall on the left
Take cover next to the front door and take out the Barzinis inside

After talking to Monk, head forward a little then turn left and you should see the hidden bonus moneybags hiding behind a wall. Collect them, then turn back and follow Monk to the hotel. Take cover next to the door, open it, and blast the guys inside.

Take cover between the two doors and fire into the right door to kill the guy behind the counter

Then go in and up the stairs to the first landing. Turn the corner to the next flight of stairs and take out the Barzini there first so he doesn't surprise you from behind. Then turn around and take cover between the doors and fire through the right doorway at the guy behind the counter.

Monk...a dirty rat?

When he's dead, go into the room, then turn right, and take cover to the left of the door you see there. Open the door and kill the guy inside. If you need health, there is a health bottle on the counter behind you. Now leave the room and proceed up the stairs again. Take cover before each turn to check for enemies. Take cover to the left of the final set of steps so you can fire into the room ahead from there. Then go up the steps and take cover between the doors and fire at the enemies inside from both doorways. When you've done all you can do from there, go inside and take out anyone else remaining. Facing the doors from inside the room, if you go through the door all the way to the left, you will find a health bottle and some ammo. Now leave the room and go up the stairs again to the fourth floor and walk to where the blue marker is. There will be a cutscene in which Monk kills a Fed and you find out that Monk has become an informant against the Corleones. Monk's dirty so you'll have to kill him, friend or no friend.

Kill the Cuneos from the top of the stairs

Talk to Jimmy if you want, then run down all the stairs and out of the hotel to chase Monk. Steal a car and go to the Va Va Voom Room where he's run off to. Talk to him. He'll then run off again and some Cuneos will come after you. If you see a safe, blow it with dynamite. Kill them, then run up the stairs ahead. Stop when you get to the top of the stairs and crouch down. You should be able to kill a few Cuneos from there.

Splatter the ratter

Then go across to the opposite corner of the room and go down the stairs there. Take a left, then take cover to the left of the first door on the left. There will be several Cuneos in that room, along with Monk. Take out all the Cuneos, then kill Monk. Once you do, leave the building and the mission will be complete.

Talk to the guy in black. He'll tell you that Tom urgently needs you back at the compound. Go there and talk to Tom. Turns out Sal Tessio turned traitor as well. You're to meet with Willie Cicci in Brooklyn to get further orders. When you walk up to him, it will start the next mission.