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Jaggy Jovino has turned against the Corleones, and he is passing information to the Barzinis. He doesn't know he's a marked man, so you can catch him visiting Rosa's in Little Italy. Let Jovino know how the Corleones deal with traitors, but be careful not to injure innocent girls in the crossfire.

  • Reward: $7,500 +7,000 Respect
  • Bonus Condition: Don't injure any escort girls
  • Bonus Reward: $37,500 +35,000 Respect
Watch out for Barzinis upstairs
Get behind the wall before this Barzini comes out of the room

Go into Rosa's, through the back door, and up the stairs. Take cover behind the wall at the top of the stairs, and use that cover to kill the two Barzinis up there. Then run ahead, turn around, and take cover on the wall so that you can fire towards the door. A Barzini will come out of the door.

Pop into the doorway and pop one in Jaggy's head

Kill him, then go to the left of the door and crouch down. You will see Jaggy in the room with a gun to Rosa's head. You won't be able to use the wall for cover, so target Jaggy's head first, then move into the doorway and shoot him.