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Use the following safe location guide along with the safe location maps to find all 100 safes. You can also review your progress in the Pause menu. Choose Map, choose the family currently controlling the business, scroll to the business name, and Show venue information. If the business has a safe it will either show "Safe was destroyed: No" or "Yes".

View entire safe location map

Little Italy[edit]

View entire Little Italy safe location map

Godfather Safes Little Italy 1.png

No. Location Floor Area of Building
1.) Saint Martin Hotel 3rd SE
2.) Bella Siciliana 1st NW
3.) Sicilian Imports Inc. 2nd SW
4.) Bowery Hotel 4th NE
5.) Chinaware Warehouse 1st NE
6.) Dr. Harvey's Clinic 1st NW
7.) Dr. Valachi (Clinic) 1st SE
8.) Harry's Bar 1st SW
9.) Primola 1st NW
10.) Arezzo Seafood 1st SE
11.) Boolie's Bakery Basement NE
12.) Emilio's Butcher Shop 2nd SW
13.) DeMantagnas 1st SW
14.) Global Trading Co. 2nd SE
15.) Smoke Signals 2nd SE
16.) Trapani's Bakery Basement SE

Godfather Safes Little Italy 2.png

17.) Sammy's 1st NW
18.) Italia Hauling Co. 2nd SE of N building
19.) Hotel Alioto 3rd SE
20.) Va Va Voom Room 1st SE
21.) The Continental 1st SW

Godfather Safes Little Italy 3.png

22.) Verona Warehouse 1st SE

Godfather Safes Little Italy 4.png

23.) Lipari Warehouse 2nd NW of N building


Godfather Safes Brooklyn full.png

No. Location Floor Area of Building
24.) Cafe Vitales 2nd NE
25.) The Ambassador 2nd NE
26.) Midnight Rosie's 2nd W
27.) The Full Moon Basement SE
28.) Global Trading Co. 2nd S
29.) Wright Wronsky's 2nd SW
30.) Michelangelo Salera 1st NE
31.) Liberto's Basement E
32.) S. Elia Warehouse 1st NW
33.) Valentino's 1st NE
34.) St. Sebastian Hotel 4th NE
35.) Tattaglia Hub 1st NW
36.) Tattaglia Compound 2nd S of S building
37.) Dr. Marshall's Clinic 1st NW
38.) Sicilian Goods 2nd SE


View entire Midtown safe location map

Godfather Safes Midtown 1.png

No. Location Floor Area of Building
39.) St. Alban's Hotel 3rd NW

Godfather Safes Midtown 2.png

40.) Orchid Inc. 1st SW
41.) Dr. Alexander Noel (Clinic) 1st NW
42.) Flowers of Scotland 1st NE
43.) Madame Polly's 2nd SE
44.) J. Sizzle's Steakhouse 1st N
45.) The Luna Bar Basement SW
46.) Isao Kimota 1st NW
47.) Chateau Toledo 1st SE
48.) Palermo Warehouse 1st SW*
49.) Barzini Hub 2nd SW of S building
50.) The Peak 3rd NE

*go into building, jump through window ahead, go to the right and into door you find

Godfather Safes Midtown 3.png

51.) Hotel Madison 4th SW
52.) The Carnegie Club 4th SW
53.) Barzini Compound 2nd E of W building
54.) West Side Willy's 1st NE
55.) Lumpy's Bar 1st S
56.) Savannah Hotel 3rd E

Godfather Safes Midtown 4.png

57.) The Colonial Club 1st SE
58.) Raphael's 1st NE
59.) Hawk's Steakhouse 2nd NW
60.) Palladio Willow 1st SW

Hell's Kitchen[edit]

View entire Hell's Kitchen safe location map

Godfather Safes Hell's Kitchen 1.png

No. Location Floor Area of Building
61.) Mrs. Spillane's 4th SE
62.) The Tunnel Club Basement SE
63.) Scotty's Biscotti Basement S
64.) Caruso! Basement S
65.) Dr. O'Riains (Eastern Clinic) 1st SW
66.) Milk Co. Warehouse 1st SW of N building

Godfather Safes Hell's Kitchen 2.png

67.) Poppy's - Westside Basement SE
68.) Hell's Kitchen Clinic 1st SW
69.) Casey Quinn's 2nd SW
70.) Holden Holdings 2nd S

Godfather Safes Hell's Kitchen 3.png

71.) Tyler's Top Cuts 1st NW
72.) The Elegante 3rd SE
73.) West Side Philly's 1st SE
74.) Arezzo Seafood 1st NE
75.) Doc Thody's Dahlias 1st SE
76.) The Red Fox 1st N
77.) Orchid Inc. 1st SE
78.) Providence Hotel 4th SE
79.) M. Powers & Sons Basement NW
80.) Cuneo Compound 2nd SE of E building
81.) Dale Mangano's 1st SW
82.) Cuneo Hub 1st NE
83.) The Colonial Tavern 1st NE
84.) After Hours 1st SE

New Jersey[edit]

Godfather Safes New Jersey full.png

No. Location Floor Area of Building
85.) Santo 1st S
86.) The George Hotel 3rd SW
87.) Waterside Warehouse 1st N
88.) The Crane Club 1st SE
89.) Velveteen's Basement SW
90.) Joe Foley's Basement Middle
91.) Fabio Satriani and Sons 2nd SE
92.) Joey's Baked Goods Basement N
93.) Arnold's Famous 47 2nd NW
94.) B. Fidanque, MD (Clinic) 1st SE
95.) Stracci Compound 2nd NE of S building
96.) Boris Amchini 1st SE
97.) The Highway Hotel 3rd SW
98.) Sicilian Goods 2nd N
99.) Stracci Hub 1st SE
100.) Johnny Congers 1st SE