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Godfather sonnyswar 01.png

Sonny takes the war to the streets, aggressively expanding the 'empire'. A terror on the streets, Sonny must also take care of the Family at home...

Sonny Corleone - Don Vito's brutal heir apparent

  • Respect: +30,000
  • Money: $40,000
  • 10 Moneybags: $10,000
Use the wall on the right for cover to take these guys down

After the cutscene, talk to Sonny. Then get in the car and drive to the Cuneo bar. Park in the blue area in front of the building. Take out your gun, go through the front door, then take cover behind the wall to the right. Take out the guys down the hall. Note: You will have to kill a lot of Cuneos on this mission, so you may end up with a mob war afterwards; let Sonny finish off a couple guys if you want to avoid one.

Sure, you could just shoot your enemies, but this is much more fun

Then turn left and go through the door just to the right of the front door. Go down the stairs and take out the two guys at the bottom. Then go down the hall and take cover to the left of the door. Open the door, go into free-aim mode, and shoot one of the explosive boxes.

Pressure the Cuneo into talking
Don't let the racket boss get away

Then go into the room, through it, and into the next room. Pressure the Cuneo in there until he talks. If you still have dynamite, blow the safe next to the guy that has been pressured. Then go into the next room and up the elevator. Go forward then to the left and down the hall. Shoot the Cuneo that Sonny is fighting with, then get in the car. Chase the racket boss and avoid the Cuneos that chase you.

Kill these guys before you even enter the building
Kill this guy first, then use the boxes for cover to take out the guy to the right

Follow him to the building in the railyard. Then get out, duck down, and shoot the two enemies through the window. Go into the building and through the door on the left. Go forward, to the right, and through that door. Take out the guy straight ahead first, then turn to the right and use the boxes for cover to take out the next guy.

You will find the bonus moneybags on the roof of the building

Then go up the stairs to the blue marker. After the cutscene, you can blow the safe then go out of the room, then into the door on the left. Go down the hall, then turn left, then go into the elevator on the left. On the roof you will find the ten hidden bonus moneybags.

Take out the Cuneos at the warehouse
Convince the warehouse boss to let the Corleones take over

Collect them then go back down the elevator and head to back to the front door. Go out of the building and get in the car with Sonny. Now drive to the docks and park in the blue spot. Head towards the warehouse and take out the Cuneos on the way. Stay behind cover and shoot the burning barrels for some extra firepower. When you get to the door of the warehouse, take cover to the left of it, open it and shoot all the guys you can from there. Then go in and take out the rest of the guys. Find the warehouse boss and pressure him into letting you take it over. After the cutscene, the mission will be complete.

Talk to the guy in black. He'll tell you to meet Sonny back at the compound. Drive to the compound and walk into the blue circle. This will start the next mission.