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Oscar Zavarelle is a Stracci Capo who perpetrated unspeakable acts against an 18 year-old girl. Oscar's hiding somewhere in the Hell's Kitchen Industrial Park; when you discover where he's located, punish him for his crimes.

  • Reward: $5,000 +6,500 Respect
  • Bonus Condition: Shoot Oscar in this sequence - knee, shoulder, then head
  • Bonus Reward: $25,000 +32,000 Respect
Kill this guy and the one to the left
Watch out for falling barrels

You'll find the entrance to Oscar's hiding place to the north of where the yellow X is on your map. Go behind the building and down the stairs. Go into the tunnel and around the bend. Kill the Straccis hiding in nooks on both the left and right. Go past the nook a little, then wait. More Straccis will drop a couple of burning barrels down and they will explode.

Kill Zavarelle's final two guards
Shoot Zavarelle in the knee, shoulder, then head

You can try killing these enemies, but you may be better off just ignoring them, and running quickly past the area where they will be able to shoot at you. As soon as you turn right into the next tunnel, be on guard. There will be more Straccis ahead. One on the right, one on the left, plus Oscar himself. Take out the two guards, then shoot Oscar in the knee, then the shoulder, then the head.

If you're playing the Wii version, this could take a lot of practice due to pointing your Wii Remote onscreen and trying to get an accuarate shot. You can try throwing a bottle or running up and pistol whipping him so he's not running around while you try to get a good shot. Be prepared to start again if you really want bonus cash and respect.