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Luciano Fabbri is the Cuneo Consigliere. Although there is an unsteady truce between the Cuneos and Corleones, Luciano has been longing for a war. He is an influential voice in the Cuneo ranks, so take out Luciano before he can cause trouble.

  • Reward: $7,500 +10,000 Respect
  • Bonus Condition: Send Luciano a message by taunting him before he dies
  • Bonus Reward: $37,500 +50,000 Respect
Take out Fabbri's men from a safe distance
When Fabbri's the only one left, shoot him in the knee

Approach Fabbri and his men from the east, on 42nd St. Crouch down and hide behind any parked cars you can find. When you're close enough, start killing his men as quickly as you can. Then shoot him in the knee.

Talk to Fabbri to taunt him, then kill him any way you wish

Go up and talk to him. You will tell him that he should have hired better bodyguards. This will fulfill the taunting bonus condition. You may now kill him.