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Ronnie Tosca is Cuneo's brightest Capo. He's been trying to weaken the Corleones indirectly by cutting deals with the local Black Market Sellers. Tosca is a hard man to get close to, but you may get your chance if you catch him during his haircut in Little Italy.

  • Reward: $4,000 +5,500 Respect
  • Bonus Condition: Give Ronnie a trim between the ears - kill him with a head shot
  • Bonus Reward: $20,000 +28,000 Respect
Kill Tosca's men from across the street
Hope you don't care about your face too much

Drive up to the barbershop where Tosca is getting his haircut. Park your car on the other side of the street but prepare for gunfire before you even get out. Take cover behind the car or the empty fruitstands there and kill the three Capos inside the barbershop. Then go into the building, take cover to the left of the door in the back, open it, and shoot Tosca in the head. Be careful though - he may run out and start firing before you can do all that. Note! For a hit like this it would be wise to use the magnum revolver