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Godfather alley 04.png

1945: Down on the Bowery life is tough. A good place to hide for a kid on the make - but when Luca Brasi comes looking for you, it's hard to stay lost...

Luca Brasi - Feared Enforcer for the Corleone Family

  • Respect: +500
  • Money: $500
You'll have to beat these guys up the way Luca says
Break this crate to find the moneybag

When Luca finds you, you are getting beat up by some guys. He will then use those guys to teach you how to fight. Just follow Luca's on-screen instructions until the thugs' life meter appears, then keep pounding them until they're dead. After beating them up, look for a wooden crate nearby. Attack it repeatedly to break it. Inside will be a $1000 moneybag. For some reason, this isn't considered a "hidden bonus moneybag" but hey, it's still money.

This guy should've never got out of his car

Next, walk alongside Luca until he stops, then talk to him. He will tell you about your map. You then get your first objective which is to find a certain Corleone safehouse. The safehouse is represented by a little green house on your map. Wait for Luca to open the gate, then walk out of it. Remember those thugs you just beat up? Well their friends want revenge. You will have to deal with them before you can do anything else. One of them will drive up and get out of the car. This is the one you need to take care of. Don't worry about the second guy, Luca will deal with him.

After taking care of them, the cops will be on you, so steal a car quick and get to the safehouse. When you enter the safehouse, your next objective is to get to the save point and save your game. The save point is the bed upstairs. Go up the stairs and through the first door you see, then walk over to the bed and save your game. This will complete the mission.

Your next objective is to go downstairs and answer the phone. The person calling will tell you to meet Luca outside. Walk to the blue circle in front of the door to start the next mission.

Special Note: If you have these versions (Nintendo Wii, Xbox 360, PS3), you start at the rooftop learning how to fight instead of the back alley. "Welcome to the family" will replace the original title "The Alley". After the tutorial, you and your crew will need to run all the way to the safehouse. On the way, you just need to bribe the cops, see a car bomb sequence, then run to the right lane parallel to where you're running to see a brief sequence which the Corleones is fighting the mob before you get to your safehouse.