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Godfather donisdead 01.png

Luca sleeps with the fishes. Tom Hagen, Corleone Consigliere has disappeared. Can anyone stop the Tattaglias from destroying the Corleones?

Sal Tessio - Corleone Capo, one of the Don's trusted old guards

Pete Clemenza - Senior 'Capo Regime' for the Corleones, a real man of the streets

  • Respect: +4,000
  • Money: $2,000
  • 1 Moneybag: $3,000
Take out three Tattaglias from inside the barbershop
Take this mobster out with a headshot to save Frankie

The mission starts with an assassination attempt on Don Corleone. Monk's sister Frankie gets mixed up in the mess and your first objective is to save her. Crouch down under the windows in the barbershop and take out three of the Tattaglia henchmen. Two will already be out there, and the third will drive up in a black car from the left. Then go outside and to the right and take cover behind a car. A Tattaglia will have a gun to Frankie's head. Take him out with a headshot to save her.

Ram your pursuers into obstacles or they will blow up your car

Your next objective is to follow the ambulance to the hospital. The path to the hospital will be blocked at first, so you will actually follow the ambulance in "circles" before it actually heads to the hospital. If you get too far behind, you can try taking "shortcuts" to catch up. For example, if the ambulance turns right, keep going straight - if the ambulance turns left again, you will now be much closer. The Tattaglias will chase you and blow up your car if you're not careful, so take them out any way you can - ram their cars into walls, other cars, etc. to get them off your tail.

Take cover behind the cars to take out the Tattaglia henchmen
Blow this car up to reveal the bonus moneybag

They will eventually stop the ambulance on the bridge and you will have to get out of your car to interrogate the Tattaglia Capo with the puppet symbol over his head. He will be behind a tan car on the left side of the bridge. Take out the other three Tattaglias first, then shoot the Capo in the knee to demobilize him. You will have to pressure him into talking, but be careful not to kill him while doing so. He will tell you where they are keeping Tom Hagen. After that, shoot up the tan car the Capo was behind to blow it up and reveal the hidden bonus moneybag.

You must then get to the ambulance as quickly as you can and drive it to the hospital before the Don's health runs out. Once you get to the hospital, you will have completed the mission.

After this, you will again have some time to kill before you get the phone call to start your next mission. When you do, you are told to meet Clemenza at his house in Brooklyn. When you get there, it will start the next mission.

Special note: There's actually two ways of doing this. One is simply shoot the person that is holding Frankie hostage or got up close and when you get close to the capo and lower his health before you pressure him into revealing the setup. If you shot the person holding Frankie, another capo after the ambulance chase will reveal the same thing.