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Hassled by corrupt cops and the Tattaglias muscling in from Brooklyn, the Corleones are fighting to keep control of Little Italy. Time to learn what makes the world go 'round...

Sergaent Galtosino - Corrupt cop bleeding Little Italy dry

  • Respect: +750
  • Money: $1,000
Don't push Emillio over $700 or you will go too far
The racket boss will sell you his casino without any coaxing

After the cutscene, go up to Luca and talk to him. He will teach you the art of extortion. Your objective will then be to extort the butcher. Go into the butcher shop and talk to Emillio. He will ask why he should pay you. Show him why. His weak spot is property damage, so if you break some of his stuff, you'll get a weak spot bonus. You can get his payout up to about $700 before you've gone too far, but you'll have to inch the meter up slowly at the end to avoid overdoing it. Try grabbing him (but no attacking) to move the meter slowly. If the meter stops going up, you can let go and grab him again. After you think he's learned his lesson, press Y button again to complete the extortion. Your next objective is to take over the racket upstairs. Head to the back and you will get your lesson on rackets. Then head upstairs and talk to the racket boss. He will let you buy out the racket for $400 without any convincing. If you bought dynamite before, you can use it to blow the safe and deal with his crew before you leave,

When you come back downstairs there will be $150 bucks laying here!
Bribe Sergaent Galtosino to get some heat off the Corleones

Then head back downstairs. Go over to the table in front of the dead pigs and collect the $150 that is sitting there. Then go back into the shop. There will be a police officer in the doorway that you will need to bribe. Go up to him and press Y button and you will bribe him $100.

You will then get your lesson on "Heat". Then go back to Luca and return the money that you extorted from the butcher. This will complete the mission.

Go to the Falconite club to meet Paulie Gatto. This will start the next mission.