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It was Bruno Tattaglia who killed Frankie and he must pay. Sonny has a lead, and there are plans to take revenge...

Bruno Tattaglia - Gone into hiding following Frankie's murder

  • Respect: +20,000
  • Money: $35,000
  • 1 Moneybag: $7,500
Interrogate the captured Tattaglia

Go up to the guy in black and talk to him. He will tell you that Sonny is inside the building waiting for you. Go in the building, through the hallway, into the large room, and up the stairs. Sonny will be there. Talk to him. Then go into the room next to him and pressure the Tattaglia there into talking.

After parking, go across the street and to the right to find the bonus moneybag

Be careful when building the pressure, because the thug's talking point is very close to his breaking point. He won't actually give you any information but Sonny has an idea to make him useful anyway. He throws him out of the second story, figuring that Bruno will attend his funeral. So your next objective is to drive to the funeral home in Midtown. Drive there and park in the blue spot. Then, with your back to the funeral home, cross the street and go to the right. You will get a warning telling you that you are almost exiting the mission boundaries. Keep going a little further anyway until you see a nook to your left with a burning barrel in it. Behind the barrel is the hidden bonus moneybag. You must collect it after parking in the blue spot. It won't be there before.

Take out the two guards in front of the building first

Now head back to the funeral home. Facing towards the building, take cover behind the wall to the left. Then peer around the corner towards the entrance and pop the two Tattaglias there standing guard.

Don't forget about the thug in the garage - he deserves an equal chance to die like everyone else

Then go up the steps to the front door and take cover on either side of it. Open the door and take out the Tattaglia in the room there. Then crouch down, go inside, and take out the Tattaglia in the room to the right. Then turn around, go into the hallway ahead, turn left and take cover next to the door. Then take out the guy in that room. If you need health, there is a health bottle in that room as well. No go out of that room and straight ahead, then to the left to find the garage. Take cover by that entrance and take out the thug in there.

Use this wall for cover to dispose of Bruno's guards

All the enemies should be dead now which unlocks the elevator. Now head back in the building and go into the elevator. When you reach the bottom, you will automatically walk forward and Bruno Tattaglia will knock you down and taunt you. He will then run into the other half of the room. Take cover behind the walls and take out his henchmen.

Anyone craving a baked Tattaglia pie?

You must throw Bruno into the furnace or you will fail the mission. So pop one in his kneecap to demobilize him. Then go up to him and beat him with your fists until his health is low. Then grab him and press Down lstick to stand him on his feet. Drag him to one of the furnaces, then press Up rstick to lean him into it. Press it again to throw him in. This will complete the mission.

After the mission, you'll have to wait a while again before you can start the next one. Use this time to do other things like taking over businesses, rackets, and warehouses. Eventually Sonny will call you and tell you to meet him at the compound. Head over to the compound. As you approach it, a black car will come speeding in front of you from the left and cut you off. It's the Cuneos and they're headed for the compound! Drive to the back of the compound and take cover behind the walls next to the health bottle. Keep blasting away at the thugs until there are no more. If you get low on health just grab the bottle that you cleverly took refuge next to. Now go into the back building where the blue marker is and talk to Sonny. He'll tell you to go to Lucy's in Midtown. Now talk to Jaggy. He'll tell you about taking over compounds. Go outside and talk to the Corleone out there. Now go to Lucy's and walk into the blue circle in front of the building. This will start the next mission.

Special note: On the Wii, to stand him on his feet after you shoot him on the leg when his health is low, flick him up with Remote button+Nunchuk button while holding B button+Z button. Drag him to the furnace, lean him to the furnace with Up nunchuk then flick him with Remote button+Nunchuk button.