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One final stretch lies between you and Willie's treasure. But the skull mouth waiting for you on the other end is ominous. A spell has been cast over it, and you will not be granted access to Willie's ship unless all of the Goonies have been rescued. If you are missing even one… you will return to the first stage and be forced to try again.




This passage is about as long as the previous passage was, and it is even more straight forward. While the first set of diamonds it hides can be found along the way, you must take a slight detour away from the exit to find the second set. If you have the armor, the only danger you face is contact with the skeletons.


This passage is so short, there isn't even one hidden character for you to reveal, just eight diamonds. Collect them even if you don't need to health as they will propel you towards receiving your next yellow potion when you complete the final stage and start the game over from the first.