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3DS Switch PS4 PC Action
A button or Stylus button A button Cross button Space Progress text/select option/examine item/pursue witness
Neutral dpad Neutral dpad Neutral lstick W A S D Move cursor
B button B button Circle button Z Cancel/return/progress text
Y button Y button Triangle button R Present evidence/pit jurors against each other
X button X button Square button T View history
L button L button or ZL button L1 button or L2 button Q Press witness
R button R button or ZR button R1 button or R2 button E Open Court Record/toggle between evidence and profile tabs
Neutral cpad Neutral lstick Neutral dpad H B N M Look around
Stylus button Neutral rstick Neutral rstick  ↑   ↓  Rotate evidence
Start button Plus button Options button G Pause/open menu
Select button Minus button Touchpad button F Turn Autoplay on/off