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DGS2 Episode 1 title.jpg

Case Information[edit]

DGS2 Episode 1 crime scene.jpg
  • Time of Crime: August 11th, 2:00 PM
  • Location: Beach near Tokyo
  • Defendant: Rei Membami
  • Victim: Jezaille Brett
  • Cause of death: Stab wound to the back
  • Murder weapon: A knife
  • Defense Attorney: Susato Mikotoba, a.k.a. Ryutaro Naruhodo
  • Prosecution Lawyer: Taketsuchi Auchi


Defense Attorney[edit]

DGS2 chara Ryutaro.png

Susato Mikotoba

A judicial assistant who has chosen to disguise herself as a lawyer in order to defend her best friend, Rei Membami, in court. Her alter-ego in this case is Ryutaro Naruhodo, cousin of Ryunosuke Naruhodo.


DGS2 chara Rei.png

Rei Membami

A student of forensics at Imperial Yumei University, she is the best friend of Susato and an assistant to her father, Yujin Mikotoba. She happened to be at the isolated beach on the same day as the victim, and is therefore considered the sole suspect.


DGS Jezail.png

Jezaille Brett

A British student, previously found to be the culprit behind the murder of John H. Wilson. She was soon to be sent to Shanghai in order to be judged by a British court, but her final wish while in Japan was to visit a beach. It was there that she met her end.

Prosecution Lawyer[edit]

DGS Auchi.png

Taketsuchi Auchi

The prosecutor in this case, Auchi previously faced defeat at the hands of Ryunosuke Naruhodo when the latter was found to have been framed by Jezaille Brett. He now seeks redemption against Ryunosuke's "cousin."


DGS SatoruTurtle.png

Satoru Hosonaga

An inspector of the Japanese police force, Hosonoga was at the scene in order to keep guard over Jezaille Brett.

DGS Soseki2.png

Soseki Natsume

A man previously defended in court by Ryunosuke Naruhodo, now a witness to murder. He seems to have accomplished his goal of becoming a writer.

Other Characters[edit]

DGS Yujin.png

Yujin Mikotoba

The father of Susato Mikotoba and a professor at Imperial Yumei University. He assists his daughter in this case in order to ensure that his assistant, Rei Membami, avoids punishment for a crime she didn't commit.

DGS Menimemo.png

Raiten Menimemo

A reporter who has been following Soseki Natsume around ever since he obtained fame as a writer.