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Before the trial continues, Yujin provides Susato with a Chemical Reagent. If you thought that Soseki Natsume was over the top, meet Raiten Menimemo! He's an excitable reporter who always carries around a camera and shows off his Shoyu News emblem. The judge orders Menimemo to give his testimony about the moment involving Rei and Brett that he caught on camera. Brace yourself, as Menimemo is full of energy and likes to show off.

Menimemo's Testimony: The Camera Never Lies[edit]

Raiten Menimemo
Raiten Menimemo's Testimony
- The Camera Never Lies -
  1. The beach hut was made of shoddy old reed screens, so there were plenty of gaps I could see inside through.
  2. The Englishwoman was sitting on a stool when the student girl came in and started arguing with her.
  3. Seconds later, the girl pulled out a knife, throwing the Englishwoman to the floor as she stabbed her in the back!
  4. My smouldering journo spirit burst into flames! Quick as a flash, I whipped out my camera ready to click!
  5. I pulled apart the rough weave of one of the screens and poked the lens through for the perfect shot.

The Camera Never Lies: Cross Examination[edit]

Press on statement 3 to get the beach hut plan and an additional statement. If you didn't before, inspect both ends of the fountain pen; one end has the emblem of the newspaper company Menimemo works for.

Examine the base of the Fountain Pen. Then present the Fountain Pen on the new statement to prove Menimemo did set foot in the beach hut, as the initials don't only apply to Rei Membami, but they could also stand for Raiten Menimemo!

Menimemo counters that he only uses pencils, yet he has a large ink stain on the hand he uses to write with. Prove that the pen is his by pointing out the Shoyu News emblem on the end of the pen.

This leads to the next testimony. Well, as Menimemo is holding on to his pride, he asked Soseki to be back on the witness stand. Why? Because Soseki asked Jezaille a question. This case is unfolding at a fast pace.

Menimemo's Testimony: The Witnesses' Secrets[edit]

Raiten Menimemo
Raiten Menimemo's Testimony
- The Witnesses' Secrets -
  1. I asked the Englishwoman for an interview, but she declined. So I left the hut without making a fuss.
  2. Then, watching secretly from outside, I saw the woman being stabbed and the other witnesses come running.
  3. The detective realised that the victim still had a pulse, so he ran off to fetch help.
  4. That's when this writer man here asked the woman a very significant question.
  5. But he didn't say anything about that in his testimony! Which is why Menimemoism demands I reveal it now!

The Witnesses' Secrets: Cross Examination[edit]

Press on statement 4 or statement 5 and Soseki will amend statement 4 and statement 5.

Press statement 5 and Soseki will say that the victim pointed to the back of the room when he asked her who attacked her, but it was in a slightly different direction than to the defendant.

Choose I know when you wonder if you know where the true culprit was and when the judge asks to show him on the beach hut plan. Point to the outside of the hut to the left, directly behind the stool, as this is the spot where Menimemo took his photo.

When the judge asks for evidence showing how the culprit could stab the victim from the outside, present the first Crime Scene Photograph. The judge asks Susato to be more specific, so point to the slit in the reed screen above the stool the victim was sitting on.

Thus we get to the last testimony of the case. Believing that Menimemo is invincible and hanging to the last of his pride for dear life, he still tries to pin the blame on Rei. Time to end this charade for good.

Menimemo's Testimony: Complete Innocence[edit]

Raiten Menimemo
Raiten Menimemo's Testimony
- Complete Innocence -
  1. Oh yes, I stabbed the Englishwoman. And it's that very fact that proves I'm innocent!
  2. Because why would I have bothered to stab the woman if I'd already poisoned her?
  3. When I heard the student girl and that pompous English murderer got my goat.
  4. If the courts weren't going to punish Brett for what she did, someone else would have to see justice done!

Complete Innocence: Cross Examination[edit]

Press statement 3. Menimemo will talk about the argument for a moment before Membami interrupts him. After you intervene, the judge allows for Membami to add a statement in between statements 3 and 4.

Press the new statement. It’s revealed that the article about the poison is what Menimemo based on when he's listening outside her hut. The poison article will be updated.

Present the updated Poison Article on statement 2 or statement 5. Menimemo realised only after poisoning the victim how traceable the poison would easily be if it's on the autospy report. Also, it shows that in the argument between Jezaille and Rei, there's no opportunity for Rei to poison Jezaille at all. So actually it happens before Rei goes into Jezaille's hut.

It seems the case is over until Menimemo counters that there isn’t any conclusive evidence that he stole the poison, but you realize there is a piece of evidence explaining how he stole the poison.

Examine the middle of the Fountain Pen three times. It reveals that not only those pens are made for writing, they're also made for sucking up ink like poison into it. The Fountain Pen would be updated. Then present the Fountain Pen as the source where the poison originated from. In a last attempt, Menimemo states that there’s no way of conclusively knowing if there ever was poison in the fountain pen. So when prompted, present the Chemical Reagent.

Menimemo finally snaps and starts swinging his camera around furiously, forcing both Rei and you to do a Ryutaro takedown on him. Afterwards, Menimemo confesses the elaborate scheme in framing Rei for Brett's death.

The judge is fully convinced of Rei's innocence and decides to give her the verdict:

PWAA notguilty.gif

Congratulations on winning your first case! As for Prosecutor Auchi, he finally cuts the top part of his hair.

What really happened?[edit]

It begins with the trial of Jezaille Brett nine months prior. Despite being found guilty of killing visiting professor Dr. John Wilson, she was allowed to roam mostly free, with only some minor supervision to ensure she wouldn't attempt anything else. She was about to depart for Shanghai to be tried in a British Court, where she would most likely not see any real jail time. Before that, she asked if she would be allowed to visit a beach, which the government allowed with the condition that a detective accompany her.

On the day of the incident, an interview was conducted featuring medical school professor Yujin Mikotoba and famous author Soseki Natsume. Also present was Shoyu News reporter Raiten Menimemo, who took a photograph of the event. During this interview, Jezaille Brett put Yujin Mikotoba on the spot by mentioning a new, secret poison they were working on, which he was forced to mention as being highly deadly. Raiten Menimemo, infuriated that Ms. Brett was still allowed to roam free and even be allowed to relax on a beach, saw an oppertunity after its mentioning. Emptying his favorite fountain pen, he drew some of the poison into it. Not long after, Rei Membami, assistant to Yujin, realized that the poison was missing. She immediately suspected that Jezaille Brett had taken it, and so took Yujin Mikotoba's place on the trip to the beach. Along with them was Soseki Natsume, Chief Inspector Satoru Hosonaga, and unknown to all, Raiten Menimemo.

As they arrived, Raiten Menimemo went to go poison Jezaille Brett, slipping it into her glass while she wasn't looking, under the guise of an interview. He left soon after, and Rei Membami entered not long after, accusing her of stealing the poison. During this yelling match, Raiten learned exactly what the poison would do to Ms. Brett, and realized that it would essentially make his guilt a near guarantee. Taking matters into his own hands, he plunged a knife through the back of the tent which both women were in, stabbing Ms. Brett in the back. Ms. Brett stood and immediately collapsed, reaching to clutch the pen of Raiten Menimemo which he had dropped after using the poison. Rei screamed, but recognized that the poison was taking effect due to Ms. Brett's symptoms, and pulled the knife out believing it to be poisoned. Mr. Menimemo took a photograph of this scene and secretly sent it to the police later, not realizing his scratched camera lens would give him away.

Mr. Hosonaga and Mr. Natsume came upon the scene and immediately believed Rei to be guilty of the crime. As Mr. Hosonaga gose for help, Mr. Natsume asked who is the culprit and Jezaille used her last strength pointed to a small open section of the reed as Rei has been arrested. To complete the picture, Raiten Menimemo worked on his Shoyu Newspaper with the picture of Yujin and Natsume with the scratch as well. And on the back is the story about the stolen poison which was later given to Natsume and this explains why none of the other newspapers have that story.

After the trial[edit]

Susato's Success
Bronze Trophy unlocked.png
Susato's Success
Complete Episode 1.

Your dad and your friend congratulates you for your win in this case. Hosonaga and Soseki realize that it's you who were acting as a lawyer and are stunned by this new revelation. But Menimemo is not done yet! He's about to reveal some new information about Kazuma when the judge knocks him down once more and orders the guard to take him away. Of course, Yujin also reveals that he told the judge about you before everyone leaves. Lastly, Soseki brings up the case that followed the last one he'd been in, reminding you of something important.

Back outside by the tree, you write a letter for Naruhodo to read back in London, England. You will come back to London very soon.