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Naruhodo's Legal Consultancy[edit]

After the trial, you return to your apartment and talk with Susato.

  • Today's trial: You recap the events of the trial, and Susato says that Shamspeare is currently being treated at St. Bartholomew's. You decide to visit there.
  • What's next: Since the poison wasn't in the tea, how did Shamspeare ingest strychnine? Susato suggests examining the crime scene again.
  • Kazuma's wishes: You reminisce about Kazuma. Why did he want you to come to London and become a defence attorney?
  • Kazuma's true intentions: You remember how Kazuma asked you to help him do something very important in Great Britain, but what?

After talking with Susato, Move to Sholmes' Suite and talk with the great detective.

Sholmes' Suite[edit]

Sholmes and Iris is experimenting with something new: Forensic science! Talk to Sholmes to see what antics he's really up to after encountering an awful smell in his suite:

  • Lord van Zieks: Sholmes talks about how all of the defendants in van Zieks' trials who were acquitted all died. The prosecutor was investigated for possibly murdering them, but he had a rock-solid alibi. Lord van Zieks stopped prosecuting five years ago, but returned to the court the day you arrived in England.
  • Japanese people: You note how van Zieks is hostile towards Japanese people. Sholmes reveals that before he entered the legal profession, van Zieks' best friend was actually Japanese! But the detective refuses to elaborate further.
  • Foul smell: Sholmes shows you his latest invention, an awful-smelling chemical solution that can identify whether a cup of tea is genuine. He explains that it was actually a byproduct of his research into forensic science.
  • Forensic science: Sholmes reveals another invention, a solution that reveals what objects a certain person has touched.

It's time to return to the scene of the crime. Move to Shamspeare's Room.

Note: If you go straight to Shamspeare's Room without talking to Sholmes first, Sholmes would not show up to help with the investigation so seriously do this if you want the story to continue!

Shamspeare's Room[edit]

Detective Gregson compliments you on your skill in court and says Scotland Yard found the soap bar with the frozen tea coin. The police have taken it away to be tested for poison, and the results will be available later.

DGS2 icon Handprints on the Wall.png

Examine Sholmes. He explain that his Skin Print Seeker gun will reveal the spots that Shamspeare touched when you spray the solution on them. Spray the room, and you will find two spots with an abundance of handprints: one on the wall by the picture, and one on the floor to the right of the table. The spot on the floor reveals a removable floorboard, which Gregson examines. Meanwhile, Sholmes gives you a photo of the Handprints on the Wall, which is entered into the Court Record.

Examine Gregson to ask about the secret spot under the floorboard. He tells you there were three items hidden there:

DGS2 icon Capital Offender Article.png
DGS2 icon Hidden Photograph.png
  • Newspaper clipping: A clipping from a newspaper talking about a death row convict named Selden who died of illness in prison. The loot he stole was apparently never found. The Capital Offender Article is added to the Court Record.
  • Photographic print: A picture of Mr. Garrideb and a young man. Inspector Gregson knows the man's identity, but won't tell you. The Hidden Photograph is entered into the Court Record.
  • Tin box: A tin box that's completely empty. Why was this hidden there?

After you finish investigating the crime scene, Soseki's cat will come out. Susato is delighted to see the cat and gives him food. You call him "Wagahai", which is how Soseki refers to himself in Japanese, Susato agrees with the name. After this case, Iris and Sholmes will look after Wagahai at their suite. Anyway, let's go see his owner. Move to the Prison.


Soseki's been so traumatized by his experiences that he's pretending to be a cat. After he snaps out of it, you can ask him about the case.

  • This morning's trial: Soseki thanks you for defending him, and reiterates that he didn't poison the tea.
  • Mr Shamspeare: Soseki says that he can't imagine why Shamspeare would falsely accuse him of attempted murder. He lets it slip that his apartment used to have a capital offender living in it.

A capital offender? Present the Capital Offender Article. Soseki says that the criminal that used to live in his apartment was the one described in the article, Selden. A new conversation topic is added.

  • Capital offender, Selden: A year ago, Seldon was living in Mr. Garrideb's apartment when he was arrested and sentenced to death, only to die of an illness. A couple months later, another man who had moved into the apartment died under mysterious circumstances.
  • The convict's curse: The man had died of asphyxia in a locked room filled with gas. Soseki had similar experiences when he moved into the room: even though he left the heating stove on to keep the room warm, Soseki would wake up gasping for air in the middle of the night in a gas-filled room with the stove off.

It seems like a lot of strange things are going on at Mr. Garrideb's building. You'd better go talk to him.

The Garridebs' Room[edit]

  • Your lodgings: Mr. Garrideb laments the "curse" that's befallen his building. He says he tries to keep an eye out for his tenants.
  • Your lodgers: Mr. Garrideb says that Soseki moved in right after the previous occupant of the room died, and Shamspeare moved in three months ago.
  • Shamspeare's tenancy: Mr. Garrideb says that Shamspeare came to him three days after Selden died and asked to rent the middle room, but it was already occupied, so he moved into the bottom room instead.

Present the Hidden Photograph. Mr. Garrideb tells you that the man in the photo is Duncan Ross, the man who moved into the middle room before Soseki and died of asphyxia. A new dialogue option is added.

  • The lodger's death: Mr. Garrideb recalls how Ross, an art student looking for a cheap apartment, moved into the middle room after Selden was arrested. A month ago, he suffocated to death because the room was filled with gas. The night before he died, he was writing a love letter to Olive Green! It seems like she may be related to the case...

Miss Green's Hospital Bed[edit]

Down In One
Silver Trophy unlocked.png
Down In One
Examine the bottle before it falls.

Upon arriving at Green's hospital bed, you see her about to drink some strange liquid, which she says is medicine. Examine the bottle for an accolade in the Chronicles version of the game.

Present the Hidden Photograph. You try to ask her about Duncan Ross, but she falls over, knocking the medicine on the floor. She tells you that they met in school, and were to be married. Ross moved into the apartment on Briar Road to save money for the wedding, only to die one month ago.

  • Hospital discharge: Green says she's to be discharged soon, and asks you to leave-but then Sholmes barges in! He says you have to prevent a disaster from happening by examining the room for clues.

Examine the spilled medicine. There appears to be a mouse that died after it drank from the bottle on the floor. Which means that the "medicine" was poison... and Green was going to commit suicide by drinking it! Examine the card on the table as well. It seems to be related to her suicide attempt.

  • Suicide: Green says she snuck the poison out of the medicine cabinet behind the doctor's back.
  • The card: The mail arrived anonymously, and it was a message from someone claiming to have information related to the death of Ross. It asked to recipient to come to a pub called The Slug and Salad on the 17th at 5 PM. Wait a minute... that's the time and date that Green was stabbed! She was walking on Briar Road to meet the author of the letter!

Your investigation is over. Tomorrow, you'll get to the bottom of this case in court!

Note: If you move to this place earlier, you'll get a brief glimpse of Shamspeare tormenting Green. To get this scenario, move early before going to Shamspeare's room for further evidence.