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Defendants' Antechamber[edit]

DGS2 icon Bottle of Poison.png

With this Shamspeare case close to its end, Herlock Sholmes arrives at last to announce that he had the purple bottle from Olive Green's hospital room analyzed, and identified the poison it contained as strychnine. While this evidence is purely circumstantial for the time being, it may prove helpful in solving this case later. The Bottle of Poison is entered into the Court Record.

DGS2 icon Capital Offender's File.png

Inspector Gregson then arrives to address the article on the convict, Selden, found in Shamspeare's room. He conducted some research of his own into Scotland Yard's files on Selden and believes he found some information that could be relevant to this case. He copied that information into a file that he is now handing over to Ryunosuke and Susato. The Capital Offender's File is entered into the Court Record. With this new evidence in hand, it's time to conclude this trial.

Trial Chamber[edit]

Olive Green is painting in court (if that's allowed at the time) while next to Shamspeare on the stand. You, playing as Ryunosuke, want both witnesses to testify about their movements six days ago.

Green and Shamspeare's Testimony: The Evening of 17th February[edit]

Olive Green and William Shamspeare
Olive Green and William Shamspeare's Testimony
- The Evening of 17th February -
  1. Green: It was six days ago, at about 5 p.m. I was walking along in the snow when I was suddenly stabbed in the back.
  2. Green: Coincidentally, it happened to be just outside the house where the men in this case have their lodgings.
  3. Shamspeare: I was at the tavern on the eve of which though speak'st, for I had bespoke my supper.
  4. Green: It was the first time I'd been in the area. I had a little matter to attend to, that's all.
  5. Green: Anyway, I was admitted straight to hospital, so I knew nothing about all of this business.

The Evening of 17th February: Cross Examination[edit]

DGS2 icon Miss Green's Card.png

Press on statement 4 and Shamspeare will react to Olive’s words; pursue him once you reach Olive's statement on Duncan. Miss Green’s Card will be added to the Court Record. Inspect the new evidence and Naruhodo will realise it matches with the Torn-Off End of Envelope. You can also inspect the Torn-Off End of Envelope to reach the same conclusion. In either case, both pieces of evidence will be updated.

Press on statement 3 to learn that Shamspeare was at an unusual restaurant on that day. When asked, choose present evidence and present Miss Green’s Card or the Torn-Off End of Envelope.

Olive will amend statement 5, stating that the letter has nothing to do with Shamspeare. Present the Torn-Off End of Envelope or Miss Green's Card. You say it was found in Shamspeare’s room, directly connecting the letter to him.

Shamspeare is shocked at the news, and Olive is warned that anyone giving false testimony in a court of law will be severely punished. Shamspeare and Olive are then told to give another formal testimony.

Pursue note: When cross examining two or more witness's, you can choose to move left or right during their conversation. If it's something important, the bubble cloud on their head indicates that someone's comment might have a direct relation to this case. Don't miss the clouds or you'll be going in circles! Also, you can check what they're thinking but it won't be related if there's no cloud on the persons head.

Green and Shamspeare's Testimony: The Anomaly of the Note[edit]

Olive Green and William Shamspeare
Olive Green and William Shamspeare's Testimony
- The Anomaly of the Note -
  1. Shamspeare: I do remember now. 'Twas a week ago, peradventure, that note was deliver'd unto me.
  2. Shamspeare: On the day writ therein, I did tarry a long hour at The Slug and Salad, yet nobody came.
  3. Shamspeare: Thereafter, on the evening I shared the company of the Japanese fellow, I did see the note had vanish'd.
  4. Green: I don't know what you mean. You think I snuck into this man's room, do you? Why would I?
  5. Green: I can point out the villain here! And as for that torn-off piece of the envelope, I don't know anything about it.

The Anomaly of the Note: Cross Examination[edit]

Present on statement 4 the Bottle of Poison. Olive broke into Shamspeare’s room to cover the gas pipe in poison. Because of the police presence around the day of the accident, Shamspeare didn’t do anything suspicious for a few days. While Shamspeare was trying to murder Soseki Natsume, Olive Green was trying to murder him.

When asked which person was behind the motive for Olive trying to murder Shamspeare, present Duncan Ross’s profile. Just as Shamspeare was trying to kill Soseki Natsume, Shamspeare had already killed another the exact same way.

You reveal that during your investigation, the newspaper article about the convict and the photograph of Duncan were found in Shamspeare's room, but the tin box was empty. Olive Green reveals that she has the key from the box around her neck, causing Shamspeare to snap! When asked for evidence that can explain the motive behind Shamspeare’s alleged crimes present the Capital Offender’s File. Believed to be his motive, Shamspeare suddenly loses his mind about the treasure and points out to a lack of conclusive evidence, thus leading to an urgency in finding the hidden loot.

The Noodler
Gold Trophy unlocked.png
The Noodler
Present anyone but Olive when asked to identify the person who might have something that belonged to the convict.

Present the Handprints on the Wall when asked for a way to find the hidden loot. Herlock Sholmes makes an appearance beside Shamspeare. He asks you to find a Selden sample so he can find out the location of the loot. Choose to present a person when given the option. If playing the Chronicles version of the game, present anyone but Olive to earn an accolade. To progress the trial, present Olive Green’s profile. She still has the key that Selden touched.

With nothing left, Shamspeare finally gives up in a Shakespearean fashion. He confesses that before Selden died, he heard about the loot. Later on, once Shamspeare was out of jail, he tried to rent Selden's room, but Duncan was there first. Duncan was to be wed to Olive Green as her fiance, but that didn't happen, as he tragically passed away. Natsume then rented the same apartment that Duncan owned before. By chance, Olive overheard Soseki talking about his cursed lodgings, and realized there may have been more to Duncan's passing. In order to test her theory, she wrote to Shamspeare to go to the Slug and Salad, giving her time to check his room, including the floorboards, for secrets. This was also when she put poison on his gas pipe. Afterward, she was hit on the back by Garrideb's knife, creating a police presence in the area that halted Shamspeare's plans. Thus, regardless of her alibi, it could only have been her poison that caused Shamspeare to fall unconscious that day.

To be or not to be, Olive Green admits to her crime in trying to murder Shamspeare to avenge Duncan's death. The judge then gives Soseki Natsume a verdict of...

PWAA notguilty.gif

How did this really happen?[edit]

It all started when Shamspeare was in jail with Selden at the time. Selden had left a hidden loot at Mr. Garrideb's place and tells Shamspeare to collect it for him before he finally dies in jail.

After Shamspeare gets out of jail, he goes off to Mr. Garrideb's place to rent Selden's room, but Duncan already owns that apartment, and Shamspeare is forced to use the ground floor apartment instead. Being low on cash, he used soap and a fork to create indents in the shape of coins, then filled the indents with water and left them outside his bricked-up window, allowing the water to freeze and ultimately become fake coins. He inserted these fake coins into the gas meter, ensuring his scheme wouldn't come to light by making a small hole underneath the coin slot for the fake coins to melt through. This created frustration for the Altamont company, as they regularly sent Mr. Metermann to watch Shamspeare with the intention of learning how Shamspeare could be stealing their gas.

To get rid of Duncan, Shamspeare blew into the gas pipe in his room, causing the stove in Duncan's room to shut off and subsequently creating a gas leak that asphyxiated him. The convict's previous tenancy coupled with Duncan's mysterious death created the idea of a "cursed lodge". Just as Shamspeare's plot proved successful, Soseki Natsume quickly rented the room left behind by Duncan. Thus, Shamspeare befriended Natsume while secretly plotting his new friend's demise.

Olive Green, on the other hand, was to wed Duncan. But after his demise, Olive overheard Natsume talking about his cursed lodgings and befriending Shamspeare. To test her theory, she wrote a letter which she sent to Shamspeare in a green envelope. When Shamspeare received the letter in the green envelope, he goes to Slug and Salad as instructed and waits for someone to talk about Duncan. Olive goes into Shamspeare's room and searches for things that might've belonged to him, ultimately taking the key from the tin box and picking up the green envelope which is left torn on the floor. She then put the poison, strychnine, in the gas pipe before leaving the apartment.

But things took a turn for the worse. Olive got knocked out after being struck in the back by Garrideb's knife, causing a police presence in the area during which Natsume was caught by Herlock Sholmes. This halted Shamspeare's scheme for four days because of the trial that sends Joan Garrideb to jail.

After Natsume was found not guilty of the stabbing of Olive Green, he decided to bring tea to Shamspeare as a gift, and the two became embroiled in a battle to determine who is the strongest between Romeo and Juliet while Mr. Metermann is watching from the outside. Around midnight, Natsume returned to his room and Shamspeare put his plan into action. Not only that, but since the water outside has been frozen over, he makes coins out of tea thanks to the water that Natsume brings earlier to make the tea. This help Shamspeare conceal the tea coin into the soap and putting it into the meter before he starts his plan while trying to stay warm.

But Shamspeare falls victim to the poison, left by Olive Green, rendering him unconscious and ultimately ending his scheme once and for all. Well, as the crime scene photo shows, he collapsed while being in the middle of creating coins through the soap. However, since the poison in the gas pipe lost its potency in the six days that it sat there, Shamspeare was kept from being poisoned to death after Natsume's second arrest, and Olive Green is thus able to avoid a murder charge.


The Key of Knowledge
Bronze Trophy unlocked.png
The Key of Knowledge
Complete Episode 2.

After having a conversation with everyone and saying goodbye to Natsume, Ryunosuke and the group go to Natsume's apartment to dig out the treasure. With Inspector Gregson nearby, what they find is yet another surprise: a collar with a capital B on it. Iris wants to write a story on this case, but Herlock forbids it. And thus ends the case involving the haunted lodgings of Soseki Natsume, the result of which will be felt in the mysteries to come.