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Naruhodo's Legal Consultancy[edit]

You're now playing as Ryunosuke Naruhodo. Before beginning the investigation, it's time to catch up with Susato. Examine the shovel to continue the debate and progress toward an accolade in the Chronicles version. To advance the story, talk to Susato:

  • Back in Britain: Though her father won't tell her what happened ten years ago, it was clear that something about the collar the group found following Soseki's last case bothered him, and so Susato resolves to discover the truth behind that mystery herself.
  • Forensic Science Symposium: Apparently, both Professor Mikotoba and Judge Jigoku were invited to this event organized by Stronghart. It seems that Mikotoba may know Stronghart himself.
  • Jezaille Brett: Susato reveals that a student by the name of Jezaille Brett didn't actually exist; her real name was A. Shinn. How she was able to become a visiting student in Japan is a mystery.
  • What about Kazuma?: Susato shares what she learned about Kazuma following her trial in Japan. Apparently his body went missing, and the Japanese government is covering it up.
  • The Kazuma mystery: You recall that you never actually saw Kazuma's body on the SS Burya. Could there be more to his disappearance?

Pan right and examine Iris to talk to her:

  • The Hound of the Baskervilles: Susato finally shares how she came to learn the title of this Sholmes mystery that has never been published, but it only raises more questions.

Despite these mysteries, you and Susato must focus on your case for now. Move to the Prison.


It seems Professor Harebrayne has been keeping busy in his cell. Talk to Harebrayne about the other topics if you wish, but there is only one necessary topic to discuss here:

DGS2 icon Drebber's Card.png
  • Drebber the engineer: Harebrayne claims that Drebber is actually a genius scientist, and reveals that he even visited his workshop.
  • Drebber's workshop: Unfortunately, Harebrayne doesn't actually know where the workshop is, but he does have a business card. Drebber's Card is entered into the Court Record.

This is all the information of relevance to the case here, so move to the Lord Chief Justice's Office.

Lord Chief Justice's Office[edit]

Upon arriving, you and Susato see Stronghart conversing with the coroner at the head of his forensic team, Dr Courtney Sithe. Talk to Stronghart:

  • The Forensic Investigation Team: Stronghart reveals his ambition to become Attorney General by showing off the effectiveness of his Forensic Investigation Team.
  • Dr Mikotoba: Stronghart recalls that Mikotoba studied forensic science in the country for six years.
  • Lord van Zieks: Stronghart confirms that Barok van Zieks' brother was murdered at the hands of the Professor, and shortly afterward, the Reaper was born.

Move to the Forensics Laboratory to meet with the coroner.

Forensics Laboratory[edit]

The lab is empty, leaving you and Susato with an opportunity to poke around. Examine the book on the desk at the back of the room. It turns out to be a ledger, and it reveals that the team purchases five hundred scalpels every month. As odd as this is, Courtney Sithe cuts off any further investigation with her entrance. Talk to Dr Sithe:

  • Your findings: Dr Sithe reveals that her team has concluded that the man on the stage when the experiment began and the man found in the Crystal Tower were one and the same, ruling out the lookalike theory.

A mysterious girl wearing a plague doctor mask comes in and you have a near-death experience with her. After that, move to the Experimentation Stage.

Experimentation Stage[edit]

After speaking with Inspector Gregson, talk to Gina:

  • Investigating the scene: Since you and Susato have received permission from Stronghart, Gina allows you to go up to the platform to investigate. If you haven't visited Stronghart yet, now is the time.
  • Today's trial: Gina reveals that Gregson has been tasked with apprehending Enoch Drebber for the trial.
  • The engineer's whereabouts: Gina says that she took a peek at a photo of Drebber that van Zieks had, and notes that his appearance was odd.
  • Toby the dog: Gina claims that Toby is somewhat of a detective himself, as he can track where items came from using just his sense of smell.

Examine the back of Drebber's Card to find an oil stain. Toby may be able to use this to track Drebber down, so present the updated Drebber's Card to Gina. After Gina leaves with a lead on Drebber, examine the stairs to go to the platform above.


DGS2 icon Wooden Birdcage.png

It looks like Barok van Zieks has beaten you and Susato to this investigation. Examine the birdcage. You recall that it wasn't here the other day, so the forensics team must have returned it after examining it. Susato notes that it must have been quite sturdy to still maintain its shape after having been caught in an explosion and then falling at such a distance. The Wooden 'Birdcage' is entered into the Court Record. Examine the machine and Susato will note that it appears as if the metal grille at the bottom of the machine has been designed to open up.

Examine Barok van Zieks to talk to him:

DGS2 icon Photo of Drebber.png
  • Your brother Klint: Van Zieks is shocked to learn that the Professor waxwork has gone missing from the wax museum, but he implies that there's more to the Professor case than you and Susato have yet to uncover.
  • Enoch Drebber: Van Zieks surprisingly provides you and Susato with the photo of Drebber that Gina mentioned earlier, though it was taken ten years ago. The Photograph of Drebber is entered into the Court Record.

After a surprising encounter, move to Madame Tusspells.

Madame Tusspells[edit]

The Top Rung
Silver Trophy unlocked.png
The Top Rung
Examine the ladder with Iris and Susato.

Pan right and examine the ladder. If you examined it with Iris earlier, you'll obtain an accolade in the Chronicles version of the game.

It's clear that before, it was you who is scared of the wax scenery of famous English killers. Now Susato is going through the same thing. Madame Tusspells appears and tells you and her not to make too much noise in her museum. Examine Herlock Sholmes Susato wonders where he is when Herlock surprises her, causing Susato to faint from shock. After Herlock apologises, he allows you to talk to Sholmes to discuss things further:

  • Enoch Drebber: Sholmes says he'll be able to assist with the search for Drebber if he has a clue concerning his appearance.
  • Kazuma's death: Sholmes admits to having lied, but teases that you may uncover a great mystery in court tomorrow.

Present the Photograph of Drebber and while Sholmes finds it interesting, he doesn't elaborate further. Instead, he suddenly encourages you and Susato to enter the Professor's exhibit, for the cost of five shillings! Examine the curtains to go into a believable wax graveyard.

Special Exhibit[edit]

It seems that the exhibit is incomplete, but there must have been some motivation for Sholmes to interrupt the investigation with this. Examine the man with the lantern to get a closer look at him. Examine the shovel in his hand to progress toward an accolade in the Chronicles version of the game (if you examined the shovel at every opportunity in Naruhodo's Legal Consultancy, you should only need to examine a shovel one more time - in the next chapter - to obtain the accolade).

DGS2 icon Camera.png

Examine the camera hanging from the man's neck. Why would this man have had a camera while visiting a graveyard? The Camera is entered into the Court Record. Susato believes there may be a clue inside the camera itself, but continue investigating the man for now. Examine his face for the most shocking clue: this mysterious man is actually a young Enoch Drebber.

DGS2 icon Piece of Broken Glass.png

Examine the Professor waxwork to get a closer look at it. Examine its neck. The Professor's identity remains a mystery due to this waxwork's missing head, but there's another curiosity in the folds of the waxwork's clothes: a piece of broken glass. The glass is thick enough to belong to the structure of a building, and you believe that the building in question is the Crystal Tower. The Piece of Broken Glass is entered into the Court Record.

Talk to Sholmes to learn more about this scene:

  • The resurrecting convict: Sholmes reveals that the public does not know the identity of the Professor, but after he was sentenced to death, it was reported that he rose from the grave.
  • The young witness: Drebber was the only witness to the Professor's miraculous resurrection, and his story was widely reported. But what was the young man doing in the graveyard in the first place?
  • Following the execution: The police investigated Drebber's story but found no evidence of a resurrection, discrediting his story. He disappeared from society shortly afterward, but was he really lying?

Gina then arrives with good news: the workshop has been found. Before that, she actually shocked everyone with her smoke launcher. Then explains that Toby the dog has lead to Enoch's workshop. Herlock intends to stay so Madame Tusspells can finish his waxwork. But you need his help to find Enoch Drebber. So he decides to join your group to help finish the investigation. You will automatically move to Enoch Drebber's Workshop.

Enoch Drebber's Workshop[edit]

DGS2 icon Science Trophy.png

There's no sign of the engineer himself here, but you can still investigate the space. Examine the machine and Susato will point out that it unfortunately can't be investigated at the moment, though Sholmes and Gina have a different view to this machine. Examine the trophy to discover that its recipient must have been highly gifted in science to have been awarded with it, and the mystery deepens. The Science Trophy is entered into the Court Record.

Examine the door at the back of the room. It's locked for now, and Gregson demands that everyone wait for a locksmith to arrive. Examine the arrows to find that they could very well have been used with a crossbow, and the Crossbow will be updated in the Court Record. Some suspicious noises will then be heard coming from the back room, causing Gregson to allow Sholmes to pick the lock.

In the back room, examine the time bomb that Sholmes is looking at himself. He will claim that it isn't actually a time bomb at all, and that he has already come to two conclusions after simply observing the room. He then explains how he came to those conclusions via his deductions, which you, Ryunosuke, will no doubt have to assist him in with some course corrections. All relevant statements by Susato within Sholmes' deductions are italicized below.

The Great Deduction: Flipped Furniture[edit]

Herlock Sholmes
Herlock Sholmes' Reasoning
- Topic 1: Flipped Furniture -
  1. It's plain to see that this room is in complete disarray.
  2. The bed, the table and chairs, the lamp... Everything is upside-down.
  3. Almost as if every item in the room had, until recently, been happily positioned on the ceiling...
  4. ...before falling straight down onto the floor.
  5. Every item in the room was on the ceiling... Are, are you suggesting that...?
  6. Indeed. The key here...
  7. gravity.
  8. It would appear that technology has at last succeeded in freeing us from the great pull of the earth.
  9. For the gravity in this room was reversed, and then...suddenly restored to normality!
  10. The inverted furniture clearly reveals the truth about the part gravity played in this whole business.
  11. I quite understand your scepticism, Miss Susato. I, too, was incredulous at first.
  12. However, my conviction in my analysis was cemented when I observed...this.
  13. An anti-gravity device...almost identical to one that featured in a dream of mine only the other day, in fact.
  14. But, but then why does it have a clock on it?
  15. A most relevant question, indeed. That is a timing device that controls when the gravity direction will switch.
  16. There was clearly a requirement for the engineer to be able to restore normal gravity automatically.
  17. And the commotion we heard earlier from the other side of the door was the moment that restoration occurred.
  18. Yes, the reason why everything in here has been turned upside-down is because of the anti-gravity device!
  19. So you see, we need look no further to explain the state in which we now find this room.
  20. The direction in which gravity acts in here was reversed by Mr Drebber...
  21. ...before being restored to normality in an automatic fashion some time later by the timer device!
  22. I have witnessed precisely this scene in a dream I once had when I fell out of bed.

Conclusion: Because gravity was reversed

Flipped Furniture: Course Correction[edit]

Now Sholmes thinks this room has gravity? What was he thinking?! The first thing to do is to eliminate the impossible to get to the truth. On statement 10, rotate the camera to get a view of the vase beside the bed, which is standing upright despite all the upside-down furniture that surrounds it. Present the upright vase to disprove Sholmes' gravity theory.

Now, to figure out the cause: why was all the furniture in the room really turned upside-down? Rotate the camera left to see a chair with some writing on its underside. Present the safe combination. Whoever made a mess of this room did so deliberately, in search of the code to the nearby safe.

Conclusion: To find the safe combination

The Great Deduction: Missing Engineer[edit]

Herlock Sholmes
Herlock Sholmes' Reasoning
- Topic 2: Missing Engineer -
  1. Now, let us consider the next conundrum:
  2. What was our engineer friend's aim?
  3. Indubitably, the greatest clue we have to explain his above our heads.
  4. Yes, how is it possible that there are footprints all the way up there on the ceiling?
  5. A question whose answer will lead us neatly to the truth, my dear madam.
  6. The reason there are footprints on the because of the nearby skylight!
  7. Of course, Drebber's aim was singular: to escape.
  8. However, there is but one way into this room. ...Excepting the skylight, that is.
  9. By inverting the gravity in here, Drebber was able to 'fall' conveniently to the ceiling...
  10. ...and make his escape via the otherwise inaccessible skylight, leaving those footprints behind on the way.
  11. But the ceiling in here is very high, Mr Sholmes.
  12. If the gravity reversal was sudden, wouldn't Mr Drebber have fallen up to the ceiling rather violently?
  13. Hm, 'falling up' is both scientifically and philosophically a rather interesting concept, I feel.
  14. But the man was cornered with nowhere to run, so escape through the skylight was his only option.
  15. You may recall that I found this in the room earlier, which I believe offers a solution.
  16. Oh! The rope...
  17. To reach the intended destination, what better tool than this rope?
  18. By anchoring one end to the wall, the man was able to 'lower' himself safely to the ceiling.
  19. Which explains how Drebber was able to escape this room before our arrival.
  20. He reversed the pull of gravity and fled via the skylight!
  21. And personally, I should very much like to reverse the pull of gravity again now...just for fun.

Conclusion: Escaped via the skylight

Missing Engineer: Course Correction[edit]

It is really absurd that Enoch Drebber had some special shoes to help him escape through the skylight. Time to disapprove that idea and find out where he really is. On statement 6, rotate the camera so that the right side of the balloon is visible; you should see footprints in the balloon and a shoe atop it. Present the shoe. If the green balloon in this room is meant to be a model of the green balloon at the Great Exhibition, which is now believed to have had a birdcage inside of it, then it's reasonable to believe that there is something hidden inside this balloon as well. Drebber must have attempted to retrieve whatever that could be by throwing his shoe at the balloon, which ended up stuck on top of it.

DGS2 icon Waxwork Head.png

On statement 17, Sholmes presents a rope as a means to reach the balloon. However, you should have something more suitable in your Court Record. Present the Crossbow. With the arrows, this successfully help takes down the balloon, revealing the head of a waxwork inside! This head can only belong to the Professor waxwork, meaning that Enoch Drebber is also the culprit behind the kidnapping of Madame Tusspells' waxwork. The Waxwork Head is entered into the Court Record. By the way, the head has a mask on it with a lock on the side.

All that remains now is to find Drebber himself, and since escape through the skylight has been proven impossible, he must still be in this room. Present the large safe. The reason Drebber was so desperate in overturning his room was to quickly find the combination to his hiding place.

Conclusion: Inside the safe

Enoch Drebber robotically comes out of the safe. But there's not much to discuss except he reveals there's really a time bomb and not an "anti-gravity device". Thanks a lot Sholmes! Then Courtney Sithe forces everyone out of his lab. But in the end, although they have disabled this time bomb, the one on the experimentation stage where the English policemen were guarding explodes instead, leaving not much left to investigate. Well, after all this, get ready for the trial tomorrow.