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Defendants' Antechamber[edit]

Professor Harebrayne isn't happy with Ryunosuke for attempting to disprove his hypothesis. However, although Ryunosuke doesn't understand the science behind Harebrayne's experiment, he resolves to continue fighting for Harebrayne's freedom, no matter the cost. Court is then called back in session, with the witnesses now ready to take the stand.

Lune, Gotts and Gina's Testimony: The View From Sixty Feet Up[edit]

Balthazar Lune, Gotts and Gina Lestrade
Balthazar Lune, Gotts and Gina Lestrade's Testimony
- The View From Sixty Feet Up -
  1. Lune: It was an incidente terribile. I am only grateful that my balloons were not damaged.
  2. Gina: There's this huge bang from the stage, and then the next second, another bang in the sky beside us.
  3. Gotts: And from amid ze smoke...a cage appeared out of nowhere!
  4. Lune: The cage, it fell from the sky like a stone. And crashed into the Crystal Tower!
  5. Gina: I didn't get a good look inside the cage, but no one went near it after it crashed into the tower.

The View From Sixty Feet Up: Cross Examination[edit]

Press statement 2 to have Gina explain what she saw when she heard the second bang. She claims that she suddenly saw a fireball appear in the sky out of nowhere, which gets a reaction from Gotts. Pursue Gotts and he will reveal that he saw a green balloon in the sky before the second explosion. He then amends his testimony with this information.

Present the Piece of Green Cloth on statement 1. Lune claims that none of his balloons were damaged, but Gotts has made mention of a green balloon in the sky that was caught in an explosion. This evidence appears to back up his claim. However, Lune remains adamant that none of his balloons were damaged, and is ordered to testify on the matter.

Lune and Gina's Testimony: Mr Lune's Balloons[edit]

Balthazar Lune and Gina Lestrade
Balthazar Lune and Gina Lestrade's Testimony
- Mr Lune's Balloons -
  1. Lune: As I said, Balthazar Lune is no liar! Every balloon I had in the sky landed safely!
  2. Lune: All three of my balloons were carrying passengers. If they fell to the ground in an esplosione, what a catastrofe!
  3. Gina: But ya can't get away from the fact that a burnt-up bit o' cloth was found at the scene, can ya?
  4. Gina: The coppers at the Yard reckoned it was prob'ly some debris thrown from the explosion on the stage.
  5. Lune: This stupido ragazzo is mistaken! My balloons have the red and blue zigzag stripes anyway!

Mr Lune's Balloons: Cross Examination[edit]

DGS2 icon Photo of the Balloon.png

Press statement 5. Van Zieks argues that the green cloth could have come from a balloon on another day and Lune agrees that Gotts was mistaken, but Gotts takes issue with this. Pursue Gotts and he will once again claim that he did in fact see a green balloon on that day, but this time he backs up his claim with evidence. While Gotts' camera isn't capable of taking photographs in color, his photograph may provide another helpful hint. The Photograph of the Balloon is entered into the Court Record.

Present the Photograph of the Balloon on statement 2. Lune claims that all of his balloons were carrying passengers, but the balloon in the photograph is mysteriously empty. This undeniably points to the existence of a fourth balloon above the experimentation stage. When asked if the photograph can provide any other information, choose there's more! When asked what the clue in the photograph proves, choose the cause of the explosion. Point out the white line that appears to be headed for the empty balloon.

You must now provide evidence that explains the explosion in order to conclude this mystery. Examine the Mysterious Contraption, in particular the lever at the end of it. This will reveal its true nature, and the Mysterious Contraption will become a Crossbow. Present the Crossbow and the pieces of this mystery will start coming together, but another interruption from Harebrayne threatens to derail it. When given the choice, choose to assert that Harebrayne's experiment was a conjuring trick or scientific success. It makes little difference as you are about to lose this case in frustration. Then you hear a familiar voice, giving you advice to keep moving on.

Right at this moment, Susato is back after surprising you with a Susato Takedown! After you reiterated your intention in finding the truth after recovering from the takedown, Harebrayne reveals the one shooting the crossbow is Enoch Drebber which shocked a few jurors! With this, Harebrayne finally allows his experimental machine to be examined, and the prosecution is tasked with finding the engineer responsible for creating it, ending the trial for today.