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Defendants' Antechamber[edit]

DGS2 icon Killer's Autopsy Report.png

As Ryunosuke, Susato, and Harebrayne discuss the trial, Herlock Sholmes arrives, having woken up on time at last. Inspector Gregson also comes by to pass along an autopsy report, apparently asked for by Sholmes. This autopsy report was conducted ten years ago, for the mass murderer known as the Professor. Sholmes believes this could prove helpful to today's trial, though it is unclear how. Regardless, Killer's Autopsy Report is entered into the Court Record.

Trial begins[edit]

DGS2 icon Post-Explosion Photograph.png

Barok van Zieks now has his masked apprentice beside him, claimed to have been brought along due to the growing complexity of the trial. He starts by recapping recent events: an explosion, most likely caused by Enoch Drebber, went off at the stage of the Great Exhibition, destroying the machine that he built. If it did have a hand in killing the victim, that information will now be much harder to obtain. The Post-Explosion Photograph is entered into the Court Record.

As you establish that Harebrayne was deceived by Drebber, the man himself is called to the stand to testify. He claims that the waxwork case, in which he is also involved, has nothing to do with this one, and you must now prove otherwise.

Drebber's Testimony: The Kinesis Machine[edit]

Enoch Drebber
Enoch Drebber's Testimony
- The Kinesis Machine -
  1. I met the young professor approximately one year ago, through Mr Asman's introduction.
  2. He provided me with the blueprints and I constructed the machine to his precise specifications. It was no trick.
  3. If the whole show was a fraud, it would have required a body double. Tell me...did the victim have a twin?
  4. All the spectators saw the birdcage appear above their heads and then crash headfirst into the Crystal Tower.
  5. A terrible accident, I grant you. Perhaps the science on which the machine was built was flawed somehow?

The Kinesis Machine: Cross Examination[edit]

Examine the bottom of the Wooden 'Birdcage'. Its details will be updated to reflect that its base has been damaged, though Drebber testified that it fell headfirst. Wouldn't its top then be damaged instead? On statement 4, present the updated Wooden 'Birdcage' to point out this contradiction. However, Drebber isn't ready to give in, and the judge orders him to amend his testimony.

On the new statement 4, present the Experiment Sketch. Drebber says that there would have been nowhere else for the birdcage to fall, but is that really the case? When asked to point out another location where the birdcage could have fallen, point to the experimentation stage. The stage is at a height similar to the height that the birdcage was reported to have fallen from, and the open metal grilles in the Post-Explosion Photograph are further proof that the birdcage could have easily fallen through. This can only mean that there were two birdcages that day.

DGS2 icon Drebber's Contract.png

Van Zieks then reveals that he has one more trick up his sleeve: a contract between Drebber and Asman, which states that all funds would be revoked upon the death of either man. What motive could Drebber have had to kill Asman if he was going to lose any money in the process? Drebber's Contract is entered into the Court Record. This, coupled with the fact that Drebber would have had no opportunity to switch the birdcages, makes the argument against Drebber seem hopeless... Unless he had an accomplice.

When given the choice, choose to name the accomplice. The inconsistency between the two birdcages points to only one person. Present Courtney Sithe. Van Zieks raises another question in response to this bold accusation: who or what was the body double inside the second birdcage? Present the Waxwork Head. Unfortunately, this explanation isn't enough to convince the jury, and a summation examination is in order.

Judicial Findings: The Jurors' Contentions[edit]

Judicial Findings

- The Jurors' Contentions -

Juror No. 6: I've known that woman for years! She'd never be an accomplice to anything!
Juror No. 1: It's utter nonsense to think those two would ever be conniving with one another.
Juror No. 2: Oh dear, this is most troubling... But surely the waxwork the man stole is nothing to do with the coroner, is it?
Juror No. 3: I have had my own problems with members of the police. I do not trust them much...
Juror No. 4: I've seen no rigorous proof that this waxwork was ever inside the birdcage. It's conjecture!
Juror No. 5: Accusin' someone without right evidences? Ee's not a proper job, is ee? I won't 'ave it!

Jury Examination: The Defence's Rebuttal[edit]

Press Juror No. 3. He will mention that he has had issues with the police when performing on street corners, and that the police go out of their way to make the lives of performers difficult. Pursue Juror No. 6 when he reacts. While ranting, he brings up an interesting point: Courtney Sithe started working as a coroner for the police when she was still using her maiden name, at which point she was known as Courtney Stevens. This information is then added to his statement.

Pit Juror No. 2 against Juror No. 6. When asked to provide a link between Courtney Sithe and the Professor, present the Killer's Autopsy Report. The name of the coroner who wrote this report is Courtney Stevens. Jurors No. 2 and No. 6 are now convinced that the trial can't end in light of this new discovery; only two more votes to go.

Press Juror No. 4. He believes that there is no proof connecting the waxwork to the birdcage, so prove him wrong and tell him I have evidence. Present the Piece of Broken Glass that was found on the waxwork. This causes him to change his mind, thus changing his statement. Pit Juror No. 4 against Juror No. 5 to earn the remaining votes necessary to continue the trial.