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Courtney Sithe has arrived at the courtroom, and she's aware of the accusation made against her concerning her involvement in this crime. However, she announces that she won't be taking the stand to testify despite her connection to this case, as Stronghart himself has forbidden it. It seems that Sithe and Stronghart are intent on hiding as much information as possible about the Professor case ten years ago, but Sholmes reassures Ryunosuke and Susato that there's still hope in this trial. With this, it's time for the trial to resume with you playing as Ryunosuke.

Tusspells' Testimony: The Professor Waxwork[edit]

Esmeralda Tusspells
Esmeralda Tusspells' Testimony
- The Professor Waxwork -
  1. The special exhibit in the House of Horrors is based on a rumour that shocked society in London.
  2. An impression of the visage was taken directly from the accordance with Tusspells family principles.
  3. I enlisted the aid of the gravedigger, and created a mould for the head in the cemetery just before the interment.
  4. I hid myself until he gave me a signal. ...I was there for a very long time that night.
  5. As dawn approached, I was very worried that I could be discovered.

The Professor Waxwork: Cross Examination[edit]

DGS2 icon Ten-Year-Old Article.png

Madame Tusspells has brought with her an article detailing the story of the resurrection, written shortly after it was first reported. The Ten-Year-Old Article is entered into the Court Record.

Press statement 4. Tusspells mentions that she had difficulty getting the corpse into form, as this was shortly after the Professor's death. Her preferred window of time is three hours after death, when rigor mortis sets in and the muscles stiffen. When given the choice, choose It's significant, and Tusspells will amend her testimony with this information.

On the new statement 4, present the Killer's Autopsy Report. Something is off about this timeline. The autopsy report states that the Professor was hanged at midnight, but Tusspells claims that rigor mortis hadn't yet set in despite the fact that dawn was approaching. The Professor did indeed die that night, but not at the time stated in the autopsy report. When asked for proof of this, present the Ten-Year-Old Article. When asked to name a witness to the scene in the article, present Enoch Drebber.

Tusspells then reveals that she found Drebber ten years ago using the article she presented previously. Even the prosecution can no longer deny that Courtney Sithe had no involvement in this, and Drebber and Sithe are called to the stand together.

Drebber's Testimony: In The Cemetery Ten Years Earlier[edit]

Enoch Drebber
Enoch Drebber's Testimony
- In The Cemetery Ten Years Earlier -
  1. The reason I was in Lowgate Cemetery at all ten years ago was for...a spot of moonlighting, shall we say?
  2. Yes, the illustration in that newspaper article was based on what I witnessed that night.
  3. But thinking back now, I realise that I never actually saw the Professor.
  4. Soon afterwards, I was visited by a young woman who sculpted a model of me from wax.
  5. Then I gave up on my dream of becoming a scientist. And it was all because of that newspaper article.

In The Cemetery Ten Years Earlier: Cross Examination[edit]

On statement 3, present the Ten-Year-Old Article. The illustration in the article was drawn based on Drebber's account, and clearly shows the Professor wearing an iron mask. If Drebber really never saw the Professor, then how could he have known that he was wearing an iron mask, information which was never made public? Despite this contradiction, Drebber continues to stick to his story, and amends his testimony in an effort to rectify this.

Press the new statement 3. Drebber claims that the corpse he saw that day could have actually been another student at work, and that he never even reported hearing a gunshot, causing Tusspells to react. Pursue Tusspells. Tusspells recalls that Drebber did in fact mention a gunshot when he told her the story, and even mentioned that blood had been spattered at the scene. Drebber isn't happy about this, and adds another statement to his testimony to refute this claim.

Press the new statement 5, in which Drebber states that Tusspells visited him to make a model of him. Tusspells reveals that she also bought his camera off of him, and that the camera found in the special exhibit is that very same camera. Examine the front of the Camera to unfold it, revealing a bloodstain. Examine the bloodstain to update its details.

Present the Camera on the new statement 4. If Drebber claims that there was no blood spattered at the scene, then how would he explain this stain on his camera? Drebber is finally at a loss for words, as it has now become clear that he has been lying in order to protect someone. When asked to name who, present Courtney Sithe.

When asked for evidence proving Drebber's motive in killing Asman, present the Ten-Year-Old Article and Drebber's Contract. When asked to provide the link, point to the signature below the illustration. It's clear now that Drebber blamed Asman for bringing his scientific aspirations to an end, but Drebber denies ever having such aspirations. Present the Science Trophy to prove that he did indeed have the talent required to succeed in science, though that couldn't hold up to the scrutiny he faced following the release of the article.

Though Drebber attempts to object once again, Courtney Sithe cuts in to admit to the events of ten years ago. This absolves Harebrayne of guilt, so it would seem that there is no reason for the trial to continue... But you get the sense that there is more to uncover here. Choose to ask for further testimony. It is now Dr Sithe's turn to testify.

Sithe's Testimony: The Waxwork Plot[edit]

Courtney Sithe
Courtney Sithe's Testimony
- The Waxwork Plot -
  1. It all began at the scene when I saw the waxwork and the note tucked inside its jacket.
  2. The actual body of the victim, as indicated in the note's instructions, was beneath the experimentation stage.
  3. The body had to be 'arranged' in certain ways to implicate the defendant...which was my job.
  4. I enlisted the help of the entire Forensic Investigation Team to dress the scene appropriately.
  5. The truth about the execution ten years ago is a state secret of the highest level. I had to protect it.

The Waxwork Plot: Cross Examination[edit]

Press statement 3 to hear a detailed explanation of Sithe's involvement in the crime. When asked which part you want added to her testimony, choose what she did to the victim. It appears that something about this new statement of hers directly contradicts a piece of evidence in the Court Record.

On the new statement 4, present the Photograph of the Victim. When asked for the inconsistency between her testimony and the photo, point to the stab wound. If Sithe had stabbed the victim when he was already deceased, then why is the blood dripping down his body, as if he were standing upward? The part of her story shown to be a lie is the stabbing of the victim. Enoch Drebber intended to kill the victim, but it was Courtney Sithe who finished the job. When asked for an object explaining why Sithe would have done this, choose the scalpels. Asman was blackmailing her for money, and the scalpels were simply a cover-up.

What Really Happened?[edit]

10 years prior to the events at the Great Exhibition, Enoch Drebber was a university student. He was a bright scientist with an equally bright future, even having won an award saying as much. But he was poor, and to cover costs for research, he took to graverobbing in order to sell fresh corpses on the black market. The last night he attended the cemetery, located just behind Barclay Prison, was different however. A man, later found to be The Professor, an infamous serial killer, emerged from his grave, only to be shot. His blood splattered against the camera that Drebber carried on him. Drebber told his story to whomever would listen, and it became a popular tale among the gossip rags.

One particular reporter by the name of Odie Asman had managed to learn Drebber's name, and interviewed him for what he had seen that night. When the article was published, Drebber's name and occupation were included. This allowed famed waxwork creator Madame Tusspells to locate him in order to get the idea for the waxwork. She had already gotten the likeness of The Professor prior to this point, having paid to have his corpse dug up.

This article sealed Drebber's fate, as it included descriptions of Drebber's graverobbing schemes. He was forced to leave university, his talents forever wasted on backwater scams. At the same time, Odie Asman had begun to blackmail coroner Courtney Stevens (before she was known as Courtney Sithe), as the reawakening of "The Professor" forced her to use her cash under the guise of "500 scalpels".

Ten years later, Professor Albert Harebrayne sought funding for his hypothesis of "super high voltage instantatious kinesis", encountered Odie Asman as he was supportive of this project. Asman recruited Drebber for the construction efforts, forging a contract that would keep the funding safe. At some point, Drebber realized that Asman was the same journalist as all those years ago, and began to modify the machine in order to take his life, safely thinking he could frame it on Harebrayne. A master of deception and stage trickery, Drebber "kidnaps" the waxwork sculpture of The Professor from Madame Tusspells to serve as a body double in order to make it look as if the experiment proceeded successfully.

On the day of demonstration, the machine made a lot of smoke and noise, nearly exploded, and caused a panic. Enoch Drebber shot down a green balloon carrying the fake body using a crossbow, an event spotted by a young visiting prince. At the same time, the real Odie Asman plummeted below the Experimentation Stage. Courtney Sithe came across the scene, and recognizing that he was alive, stabbed Asman to death as revenge for both his extortion of her, as well as the story from 10 years prior. Harebrayne's favorite screwdriver, Andrew, was planted to frame him as the culprit.


The Demasking
Bronze Trophy unlocked.png
The Demasking
Complete Episode 3.

Professor Harebrayne intends to celebrate his acquittal by sightseeing around London and exploring the Great Exhibition, but Barok van Zieks puts a halt to those plans by presenting him with tickets back to Germany. It seems that the Reaper himself fears the curse that follows him, and is now concerned for his friend's safety. After Harebrayne says his goodbyes, Van Zieks asks to speak with Ryunosuke. Although it's an odd request, Ryunosuke feels no contempt from the prosecutor as he usually does, so he complies. Surprising revelations then come to light in the courtroom, hinting at more drama yet to come.

The Masked Apprentice Reveals Himself[edit]

Van Zieks walks over to the waxwork of the Professor and unlock its helmet to reveal the mass murderer's true identity: Genshin Asogi! Suddenly, his assistant's memory comes back, as he throws his cloak aside and unmasks himself as Kazuma Asogi, the son of Genshin. Ryunosuke and Susato greet him tearfully and give Karuma, Kazuma's sword, back to him. Kazuma takes a look at the Genshin waxwork and slices it with his sword, then walks out of the courtroom. After a final chat with Van Zieks, there is one more backstory that you haven't heard from: Susato Mikotoba!

She reveals that ten years ago, she lived with her grandmother. When her father returned from London, Britain, he revealed that Kazuma has lost his father. Since Kazuma is determined to find out about his father ten years later, he decides to practice in being a lawyer so he can go to England to find out about his death. Susato on the other hand has met Kazuma for the first time, during the time when women can't be lawyers, she decides to spend time, growing up to be a judicial assistant to be with Kazuma.

With that revelation, will everyone be able to get over the past and move on? Or will the past be revealed through a mighty court process that will get everyone involved to uncover the truth once and for all? Especially Iris's real dad? All the answers will be revealed in the next two episodes. Finish the game in pursuit of the truth!