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Defendants' Antechamber[edit]

As soon as Ryunosuke and Susato arrive, Barok van Zieks reveals to them that a jury hasn't been selected for this trial. This can only mean that this is going to be a closed trial, just like the Professor trial ten years ago. Herlock Sholmes and Yujin Mikotoba provide some much needed encouragement before the trial begins, and Gina Lestrade expresses her doubts as to your client's innocence. Regardless, you'll have to prove her wrong.

Trial begins[edit]

DGS2 icon Medical Report.png
DGS2 icon Crime Scene Floor Plan.png

Kazuma Asogi starts the trial out by explaining that the time of death is based on the time at which the witnesses outside heard the gunshot. He then goes over a plan of the room in which the victim was found. Just as the rope at the scene of the crime indicated, Inspector Tobias Gregson was found curled up in a corner of the room, and is believed to have been shot at point-blank range. The Autopsy Report and the Crime Scene Floor Plan are entered into the Court Record. Kazuma then calls the defendant to the stand.

Van Zieks' Testimony: The Facts of the Incident[edit]

Barok van Zieks
Barok van Zieks' Testimony
- The Facts of the Incident -
  1. I was investigating Gregson, and my inquiries had led me to that address.
  2. When I first entered the room that day, it was dark inside and I saw no one.
  3. A moment later, I heard the gunshot. I spun around, and saw the revolver on the floor.
  4. Just as I picked the firearm up to examine it, the door flew open and I heard a man scream.
  5. It was only then that the body of Inspector Gregson appeared before me.

The Facts of the Incident: Cross Examination[edit]

Press all statements. Van Zieks believes that Gregson was involved in a case he was investigating, but he is not willing to divulge the details of that case. He is also certain that the only potential source of artificial light in the room was an oil lamp on the desk, and that the sound of the gunshot originated in the room that he was in, though it didn't come from the gun found at the scene.

DGS2 icon Noticeboard.png

Following the cross examination, Kazuma claims that the statements in Van Zieks' testimony are lies, and presents a theory of his own: the room on Fresno Street is actually the hideout of the reaper. He presents the board found at the scene to back up his claim, as the documents pinned to it were all related to cases prosecuted by Van Zieks himself. The Noticeboard is entered into the Court Record.

Van Zieks will step down after Kazuma's explanation. Kazuma will call the three witness's outside on Fresno Street who heard the gunshot and witness Van Zieks and the death of Inspector Gregson. As absurd as they look, Gossip, well would spread rumors for six shillings. Lastly, Sandwich, (similar to Beppo in the "Adventure" case) sadly doesn't sell any sandwiches at all. Miss Venus who looks like Red Riding Hood, selling firecrackers, will also testify alongside on the witness stand.

Venus, Gossip and Sandwich's Testimony: The Witnesses' Account[edit]

Venus, Gossip and Sandwich
Venus, Gossip and Sandwich's Testimony
- The Witnesses' Account -
  1. Gossip: We saw the whole thing from start to finish, we did. Everything from the moment they went in the building.
  2. Venus: It was less than a minute after the Reaper had gone inside that we all 'eard a big bang.
  3. Sandwich: Seems to m-me that quick-to-talk is quick-to-walk. Gossip couldn't wait to go and see what had happened.
  4. Gossip: I ran into the room and there he woz. The Reaper, gun in hand, standin' over the dead body!
  5. Venus: I was scared 'alf to death, me. So I ran off to find a copper.

The Witnesses' Account: Cross Examination[edit]

DGS2 icon Venus Firecracker.png

Before the testimony even begins, Venus offers Ryunosuke a chance to purchase her firecrackers for six schillings, and the Venus Firecracker is entered into the Court Record.

DGS2 icon Photo of the Victim 2.png

Press statement 1. The witnesses mention that the victim walked into the room about fifteen minutes before the defendant, and that they wouldn't be mistaken due to the victim's bright red hair. Kazuma presents a photograph which proves that the victim was wearing the red hairpiece when he was found. The Photograph of the Victim is entered into the Court Record.

Press statement 4. Gossip confirms that he was first into the room, as he kicked the door open to find the source of the sound. He also mentions that the room was lit up by the candles, which is inconsistent with Van Zieks' testimony. When he says that he confronted the Reaper, Sandwich will react. Pursue Sandwich to hear his take on the situation. He reveals that Gossip fell over upon entering the room, and Gossip adds that he fell right into a pool of blood. He will amend his testimony with this new information.

Examine the back of the Noticeboard, in particular the bloody handprint. Present the Noticeboard on the new statement 4. If Gossip's testimony is accurate, then there should be a bloody handprint on the floor, but instead it can be found on the back of the noticeboard. When asked what explains this discrepancy, choose the board moving. When asked where exactly the noticeboard was before it was moved, point out the spot to the right of the doorway. The noticeboard initially obscured both the candles and the victim from view, until it was knocked over when Sandwich kicked open the door. The witnesses must once against testify to explain the moving board.

Venus, Gossip and Sandwich's Testimony: The Mystery of the Moving Board[edit]

Venus, Gossip and Sandwich
Venus, Gossip and Sandwich's Testimony
- The Mystery of the Moving Board -
  1. Gossip: I don't know anythin' about that there noticeboard! I just wiped my hand on it, that's all.
  2. Venus: Well don't look at me. I 'aven't got a clue about it. I was doin' business with some second years at the time.
  3. Sandwich: I, I don't know anything about anything. I'm j-just a bystander, me. J-just a sign at the crossroads of life.
  4. Gossip: It woz that Reaper, I bet. He's got a face that screams 'board'.
  5. Sandwich: I c-can't see how this changes anything anyway. The detective still died w-when we heard the gunshot.

The Mystery of the Moving Board: Cross Examination[edit]

Press statement 2. Just as Venus mentions that she often tells lies, Sandwich will once again react. Pursue Sandwich and he will reveal that Venus has been lying; she actually followed Gossip to the crime scene. The judge orders her to amend her testimony with this new information.

DGS2 icon Gregson's Pocket Watch.png

Press the new statement 2. Venus will admit that she moved the noticeboard, and even took something from the scene. Gina identifies it as Gregson's beloved pocket watch. The judge opens it to find that it's cracked on the inside. Gregson's Pocket Watch is entered into the Court Record. Examine the keyhole on the bottom of Gregson's Pocket Watch. Ryunosuke then realizes that he just might have the key to wind this watch in his possession. Examine the top of the Policeman Figurine to reveal a hidden key. Examine the key to match it with the pocket watch and get it ticking again. The pocket watch wasn't broken after all, it just hadn't been wound.

Present Gregson's Pocket Watch on statement 5. Since the watch isn't actually broken, it no longer proves that the crime occurred at 5 PM that day. In fact, it proves the opposite: the crime did not actually occur on that day, but most likely the day before, as Gregson didn't have the chance to wind his watch as he usually did. A new question is then presented: if the witnesses didn't hear the gunshot, what exactly did they hear? Examine the fuse of the Venus Firecracker. Ryunosuke and Susato will test it out to find that the sound it makes is comparable to a gunshot. Present the updated Venus Firecracker when asked to provide an alternative explanation.

Since there was no one else in the room at the time, Ryunosuke now has to explain how the firecracker could have gone off. The most likely explanation is that it was set on a timer. When asked to provide proof of this, present the Candelabrum. The scorch marks on the candle imply that, like the victim, it was hit at close range, disproving the theory that it was hit by the same bullet that hit the victim.

Now there is one last question to answer: what case was Gregson investigating at the time of his death? Present either the Red-Headed League Article or the Red Hairpiece. The red hairpiece found at the scene of the crime is ample proof of this. The men involved in the Red-Headed League scam will now have to testify, and the court takes a recess in order to prepare.