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Case Information[edit]

DGS2 Episode 4 crime scene.jpg
  • Time of Crime: November 1st, 5:00 PM
  • Location: Room on Fresno Street
  • Defendant: Barok van Zieks
  • Victim: Tobias Gregson
  • Cause of death: Gunshot wound
  • Murder weapon: Revolver
  • Defense Attorney: Ryunosuke Naruhodo
  • Prosecution Lawyer: Kazuma Asogi


Defense Attorney[edit]

DGS Ryunosuke.png

Ryunosuke Naruhodo

A defense attorney that Barok van Zieks has expressed respect for despite his bias against the Japanese. Ryunosuke continues to defend his client in court in order to prove his innocence.


DGS Van Zieks.png

Barok van Zieks

A prosecutor who now finds himself the suspect of murder. Van Zieks was found alone with the victim, but he denies any involvement in the crime.


DGS Gregson.png

Tobias Gregson

A Scotland Yard detective who was found murdered in a rundown house. He was admired by the officers below him for his work on the job, but is now believed to have been hiding some dark secrets.

Prosecution Lawyer[edit]

DGS Asougi.png

Kazuma Asogi

The prosecutor in this case, Kazuma is the best friend of Ryunosuke, thought to have been killed on the SS Burya. He has now recovered from his amnesia and seeks to prosecute the man who prosecuted his father.

Other Characters[edit]

DGS Susato.png

Susato Mikotoba

The judicial assistant to Ryunosuke, Susato always provides him with advice if he finds himself in a tough spot, and at times even speaks in court on his behalf.

DGS Sherlock.png

Herlock Sholmes

The great detective who regularly acts as an ally in Ryunosuke's investigations. While his deductions aren't always accurate, they provide the first step for Ryunosuke to figure out the truth himself.

DGS chara Iris.png

Iris Wilson

The ten-year-old assistant of Herlock Sholmes, Iris is exceptionally intelligent for her age and is always willing to provide Ryunosuke and Susato with a helping hand.

DGS chara Stronghart.png

Mael Stronghart

The Lord Chief Justice of London, Stronghart has greater ambitions that have been unintentionally hampered by Ryunosuke's investigations. He now takes the role of judge in this trial in order to speed it up.

DGS GinaInspector.png

Gina Lestrade

A former pickpocket, Gina has turned her life around by becoming an apprentice to Inspector Gregson. Now faced with Gregson's murder, Gina's set on getting the man responsible convicted.

DGS Vigil.png

Daley Vigil

A man discovered to have been the chief warder at Barclay Prison ten years ago. He was dismissed from his position when Genshin Asogi escaped execution, and he had been working for Gregson ever since.

DGS Caidin.png

Barry Caidin

The governor of Barclay Prison who dismissed Daley Vigil following Genshin Asogi's escape ten years ago. He is now in possession of the Asogi Papers, Genshin's last will and testament.

DGS MikotobaHat.png

Yujin Mikotoba

The father of Susato Mikotoba and old partner of Herlock Sholmes, Yujin was also a visiting student ten years ago, and was present for the historic autopsy of Klint van Zieks.

DGS Jigoku.png

Seishiro Jigoku

A judge in Japan and the country's current Minister of Foreign Affairs, Jigoku was a visiting student ten years ago and even testified on behalf of Genshin Asogi in his trial. He is a good friend of Yujin's.