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SS Grouse[edit]

Yujin Mikotoba and Herlock Sholmes begin the chapter in the hall of the SS Grouse. You might remember the Russian sailor, Strogenov, who helped the famous ballerina, Nikolina Pavlova, escape to America after a misunderstanding that got Ryunosuke framed for murder. While the man standing before Mikotoba and Sholmes looks almost identical to Strogenov encountered previously, he is actually his brother, Tchikin Strogenov. Unfortunately, he is also just as stubborn, and won't allow Sholmes and Mikotoba to pass. Thus, Sholmes wants Mikotoba to create a distraction. Examine the bell and choose to set it off! Strogenov runs to the communication device to explain that it's a false alarm.

DGS2 icon Evacuation Drill Itinerary.png

Your job now is to find out if Seishiro has left the ship or not. Examine the glass on the desk; the ice inside the glass is an indication that a refrigerator can be found on this ship. Examine the wastepaper basket to find a drill notice that has been discarded. The Evacuation Drill Itinerary is entered into the Court Record. Pan right and examine the rectangular outline on the wall. This was probably left behind by a frame that had been hanging there. Examine the trunk on the floor. It's locked, so for the time being, Mikotoba and Sholmes can't investigate it further.

The Russian sailor then tries to kick both Sholmes and Mikotoba out, but time is of the essence since they have less than thirty minutes to find the Japanese judge. So what do they do? Time for the final Dance of Deduction! Start by pointing out the glass containing ice. It's clear that the ice has barely melted, so it's unlikely that Seishiro left the drink for more than two hours. Next, point out the framed Rules of Passage, partially obscured by the sailor. Sholmes pulls it off the wall to find a bullet hole, though the bullet itself is nowhere to be found.

Now why is Strogenov maintaining this pretense? Move the camera behind him and point to the wad of banknotes sticking out of his back pocket. Next, you must figure out what the sailor is looking at. Point to the large trunk. Despite Seishiro's size, he could've hid perfectly inside a large trunk. But it contains a seven-digit combination! When Strogenov is about to hit you with his left arm, it comes to light that the marks on his arm make up the final clue to resolving this mystery.

DGS2 icon Small Component.png

Try looking at the phrase tattooed on Strogenov's arm upside down to figure out the combination required to open the trunk. The correct combination is 5231045. Inside, as predicted, is Seishiro. Yujin and Herlock explain to Sheishiro that he's been ordered to go back to London for the trial. Lastly, Sholmes finds a trinket, though Seishiro doesn't seem to have any recollection where it came from. The Small Component is entered into the Court Record, and this ends the current mystery.

Resolution of the missing Japanese judge[edit]

With thirty minutes up, before Stronghart calls for the end of the case, you give out the news that Sheishiro Jigoku, the Japanese judge, was found in Dunkirk, France. He'll be coming to this court tomorrow, thanks to Herlock Sholmes and Yujin Mikotoba's efforts. The trial is suspended for now, as Seishiro Jigoku is the key to figuring out what occurred on the SS Grouse when Gregson was aboard. All will be revealed in part two or in this case, tomorrow. You can breathe a sigh of relief and take a break for another heated court case.

Sholmes's Suite[edit]

In the meantime, you, Ryunosuke Naruhodo, and Susato Mikotoba will be having dinner with Herlock Sholmes, Yujin Mikotoba, and Iris Wilson. After dinner, examine Herlock Sholmes and talk to him:

DGS2 icon Telegram from Japan.png
  • The telegram from Japan: Sholmes reveals the contents and source of the telegram he received from Japan. It is a list of names that was found in Seishiro Jigoku's office, though their meaning is still unclear. The Telegram from Japan is entered into the Court Record.
  • Kazuma's death: Sholmes explains how he faked Kazuma's death and suggested you take his place in order to continue the study tour.

Present the Telegram from Japan to discuss it further. Sholmes then offers a shocking theory concerning the list of names:

  • Assassin exchange: Sholmes believes that the study tour was actually a cover for an assassin exchange. Shinn was tasked with killing Wilson, which would have made Kazuma's target Gregson.

This new information should prove helpful in court tomorrow, but for now, it's time to retire for the night. Prepare for the conclusion of the final trial of the game.