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Court Lobby[edit]

It's clear that Susato is feeling the pressure and when you try to talk to her, she gives you a Susato Takedown! Anyway, you have all the information from last night that resolves a few more twists to this story. Not to mention to absolve Barok van Zieks of murder and also opening "Pandora's Box" to who the professor really is. Lastly, Herlock Sholmes and Iris Wilson will do all they can behind the scenes with a major surprise coming real soon near the end.

Trial resumes[edit]

Court is now back in session, and you get the rare chance to cross examine a judge. Seishiro will greet the court in his usual manner. But before you get a chance to cross examine him, you need evidence connecting him to the death of Tobias Gregson, the inspector of Scotland Yard and mentor to Gina Lestrade. Present the Telegram from Japan. He suddenly looks angry and asks where you got that info. You respond that you got it from Inspector Hosonaga in Japan, first having been given to Herlock Sholmes and then to you. With that out of the way, it's time to get to the bottom of this!

Jigoku's Testimony: The Assassin Exchange[edit]

Seishiro Jigoku
Seishiro Jigoku's Testimony
- The Assassin Exchange -
  1. It's true that Kazuma Asogi was assigned the assassination mission one year ago now.
  2. The target was Inspector T. Gregson. That was a condition of the British study tour.
  3. the end something happened that meant the young man was unable to carry out his mission.
  4. On the evening in question, a member of the crew was on duty outside my cabin at all times.
  5. If there'd been a shot fired, the crewman would have heard it. So clearly I can't be involved.

The Assassin Exchange: Cross Examination[edit]

This one is really simple. Present the Evacuation Drill Itinerary on statement 4 or statement 5. You point out that while a shot couldn't have been fired before or after the drill, no crewmen would have been present outside Jigoku's cabin during the drill, calling that period of time into question. Then Judge Jigoku will once again claim that there was no incident in his room. You will point out that something did very much happen. Sadly you have no picture of the bullet hole, so you have to present evidence of what other items were found in the room. Examine the Small Component and the top of Gregson's Pocket Watch to find that coincidentally, the former perfectly fits the latter. Present the Small Component. This means Gregson was certainly on the SS Grouse that day! Next, Jigoku will testify about what happened in the cabin.

Jigoku's Testimony: The Events in the Cabin[edit]

Seishiro Jigoku
Seishiro Jigoku's Testimony
- The Events in the Cabin -
  1. I had a guest waiting for me when I returned to my cabin after finishing my evening meal in the dining room.
  2. When I walked through the door, a mustachioed Englishman was there, foolishly waving a gun at me.
  3. I soon took care of him with an ippon seoi throw, though. He couldn't wait to run away after that.
  4. I imagine his watch was broken when I threw him over my shoulder. It has nothing to do with his murder.
  5. The inspector was clearly killed having returned to Britain. Because his body was found in London.

The Events in the Cabin: Cross Examination[edit]

Press statement 5. Jigoku will mention that there was no possible way to move the body from the ship to the mainland. He's granted permission from Mael Stronghart to amend his statement. You would think you could present the big trunk Jigoku was in, but it's not in the Court Record except for one sneaky piece of evidence! Present the Commemorative Photograph on the newly amended statement 5. As a minister of Foreign Affairs in Japan, Jigoku is exempt from having his luggage checked, which means he could have had Gregson inside of his luggage when he met with you and Susato at the Waterloo Hotel.

However, Kazuma continues the claim that Gregson was killed on Fresno Street. But you now have evidence to completely destroy that claim! Present the Photograph of the Victim. Now you can point out that Gregson was curled into a ball to fit in the trunk, and he still is in the crime scene photo. He couldn't have been in any other way, because he died instantly according to the autopsy report.

Now, both Kazuma and Jigoku are the only possible assailants, and both have the opportunity to kill. You get the question if Kazuma could have killed Gregson. Answer with impossible. He couldn't have done it, and to prove it, present the Evacuation Drill Itinerary. The reason that this rules Kazuma out as a suspect is due to Kazuma's statement in court yesterday. He claimed that he stayed at a boarding house after leaving Gregson behind on the ship, and he has the signature to prove it.

With nothing left, Seishiro Jigoku, in a fit of rage, destroys the stand and admits defeat. He confesses, in summary, that he had to take over Kazuma's role in killing Gregson, something he wouldn't have had to do if Kazuma hadn't lost his life and allowed you, Ryunosuke Naruhodo, to be his substitute lawyer. Because of Jigoku's status, he was able to bring his giant trunk to Fresno Street, buy firecrackers from Miss Venus, and use the hair piece to elaborately set it up as if Barok van Zieks had killed Gregson while leaving the gun behind. However, he overlooked the fish and chips as they have rotted due to being left out of the freezer on the steam ship. Jigoku is then declared guilty and signs a confession, admitting the truth.

Even though this case seems to be resolved, Kazuma surprises everyone by claiming that he's going to prove that Barok van Zieks is guilty of murdering his father! Mael Stronghart allows it and and re-fires the scales for another case. Van Zieks agrees to testify about the case that Kazuma is concerned about.

Van Zieks' Testimony: The Reaper and the Assassin Exchange[edit]

Barok van Zieks
Barok van Zieks' Testimony
- The Reaper and the Assassin Exchange -
  1. I've never taken the life of another. Nor have I instructed another to kill.
  2. I've been investigating the truth behind the Reaper for years. And I was aware of Gregson's involvement.
  3. That's the reason why I went to Fresno Street that day, and how I came to discover the body.
  4. The point is, no common thread exists between myself, Gregson and Dr Wilson.
  5. Clearly, therefore, there's no reason to suspect me of being behind the assassin exchange.

The Reaper and the Assassin Exchange: Cross Examination[edit]

This one is fairly simple because there is a connection between Klint van Zieks and Genshin Asogi. Present Klint's Autopsy Report on statement 4. Stronghart is really losing his cool and tries to stop this court case, but Kazuma wants to know who really is "The Reaper". Barok van Zieks narrows down the candidates including himself. So, if it's not Asogi or van Zieks, it's the person playing judge in this very courtroom: Present Mael Stronghart!

Kazuma still maintains that it was Barok van Zieks who planned the killing of his dad when you step in and throw some sense into him. After a logical explanation from Stronghart, before another adjournment, Kazuma objects and thank you for unclouding his judgement. There is an option to pick if there's any witness to Klint's autopsy, but you can choose any since it won't change the outcome of the game. So who's the witness that is present and penned Klint's questionable autopsy report? Present Yujin Mikotoba! Although everyone thought it was Doctor Wilson who wrote the autopsy, it was actually Yujin who penned the whole thing! But Stronghart rejects the witness and punishes Kazuma for prolonging this trial without a second thought.

A sudden entrance[edit]

Just when Kazuma has lost all hope and with no further evidence to produce yet, Herlock Sholmes makes a surprise entrance! He appeals to the audience to allow this court case to continue, despite Mael Stronghart trying to end the session as early as he can. The audience agrees and calls for Stronghart to continue. He gives in and before he knows it, Yujin Mikotoba is already waiting outside the courtroom, ready to come in! He reminds you should you get stuck, pull on the ears of Iris's good luck charm to get help from him.

Get ready to go all the way before Mael Stronghart blows his trumpet!