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Trial resumes[edit]

Picking up from where you, Ryunosuke Naruhodo, left off, prosecutor Kazuma Asogi got a chance to listen to a testimony about the autopsy of Klint van Zieks death, as the story deepens even further than ever before. Why does Mael Stronghart want to end the trial as quickly as he can? Finish the rest of the trial to find out what secrets he desperately wants to hide for dear life.

Gorey, Mikotoba and Van Zieks' Testimony: The Autopsy of Klint van Zieks[edit]

Maria Gorey, Yujin Mikotoba and Barok van Zieks
Maria Gorey, Yujin Mikotoba and Barok van Zieks' Testimony
- The Autopsy of Klint van Zieks -
  1. Mikotoba: From my own observations, I couldn't say there was any indication of the autopsy results having been fabricated.
  2. Mikotoba: Death resulted from a wound made by a Western-style sword transfixing the heart. That I found a little strange.
  3. Gorey: There were no other signs of internal injury. Nothing questionable at all.
  4. Gorey: It was just that beautiful but dangerous piece of evidence removed from the man's stomach.
  5. Van Zieks: Presumed to have been swallowed by the victim as a way of posthumously identifying his assailant.

The Autopsy of Klint van Zieks: Cross Examination[edit]

DGS2 icon Mr Asogi's Ring.png

Press on statement 4. Gorey reveals the beautiful but dangerous piece of evidence found during the autopsy is actually Mr Asogi's Ring! The size of the ring is kind of shocking because of the claws on the red ruby. Mr Asogi's ring has been entered into the court record.

Present Mr Asogi's Ring on statement 3. Yujin Mikotoba confirms his doubts at the time when Doctor John Wilson asked him to get the scalpel, then pretended to get the ring out of Klint's stomach. When Genshin identified his ring, his arrest was immediate. But you point out that had Klint eaten a ring that size, signs of internal trauma would've been evident in the autopsy. Kazuma continues to blame Barok van Zieks for trying to twist the truth but you remind him of why you're here. Just when Stronghart is about to adjourn the case, Kazuma objects and decides to find out why Genshin was silent despite the crime against him and why he was able to get out of the graveyard. Present the Dismissal Notice. You shows that the jailbreak couldn't have been done with one person alone and it could be intimately linked to "The Professor".

Kazuma demands to see the people who were involved with Genshin. Stronghart angrily rejects the request but Yujin Mikotoba already has Caidin and Vigil waiting outside in case of emergency, thanks to Sholmes. With the audience requesting more voices to be heard, Stronghart gives in for now but still threatens you with severe consequences if the next testimony turns out to be nothing.

Caidin and Vigil, comically acting as Gossip, introduce themselves in court. They'll testify for the court, and Stronghart wants Caidin to comply and Kazuma to stop threatening witnesses.

Caidin and Vigil's Testimony: The Jailbreak Plot[edit]

Barry Caidin and Daley Vigil
Barry Caidin and Daley Vigil's Testimony
- The Jailbreak Plot -
  1. Caidin: It was the day that Japanese jock was found guilty. The directive came from the Prosecutor's Office.
  2. Caidin: I assigned the convict to the chief warder Vigil here, and put the plan into action behind the scenes.
  3. Vigil: I was responsible for Asogi right up until the night of his execution. But I knew nothing of any plot...
  4. Caidin: I dinnae ken if there were some negotiations between the convict and the Prosecutor's Office.
  5. Caidin: All I did was carry oot my duty! For Her Majesty's great British Empire!

The Jailbreak Plot: Cross Examination[edit]

Press on statement 5 and when Caidin reaches a statement about doing it for the British Empire, pursue Vigil. Comically, he'll salute first, then reveals that he did see the "Professor's" will and Caidin shakes him for revealing the "document". You demand that Caidin amend his statement.

On the new statement 5, present The Asogi Papers that would help fill in the blanks about Genshin's silence.

Stronghart still demands to end the trial but you, Ryunosuke, object, saying doing so might label Mr. Vigil as a liar, like being stabbed in the back for being honest. After the gallery cries out for more testimony, Stronghart will allow Cardin and Vigil to give one more testimony to clear up this revelation.

Caidin and Vigil's Testimony: The Asogi Papers[edit]

Barry Caidin and Daley Vigil
Barry Caidin and Daley Vigil's Testimony
- The Asogi Papers -
  1. Vigil: As the warder responsible for condemned convicts, I attended to Mr Asogi and kept watch over his cell.
  2. Vigil: The night after he was found guilty in court, he was doing something with that will in his cell!
  3. Vigil: We turned the cell inside out looking for it after the execution, but to no avail.
  4. Caidin: I only found oot about the Asogi Papers when a directive came tellin' me to impound them.
  5. Caidin: The document was in the folds of the fella's robe that was left in his cell. A 'kimono', I think it's called.

The Asogi Papers: Cross Examination[edit]

Press on statement 5 and again, pursue Vigil once Caidin's statement causes Vigil to react. He'll blurt out "scarlet ink". You ask Stronghart to allow Mr. Vigil to amend his statement.

On the new statement, present Klint's Autopsy Report. In resolving the puzzle about the Asogi Papers, it is revealed that Klint had scarlet ink on his right hand. After that horrifying revelation, choose confession as the other possibilities will lead to logical paths which will end with a penalty. It turns out that it's not Genshin Asogi who is "The Professor", it's Barok's older brother, Klint!

The truth behind the Reaper[edit]

To keep the long story short, Stronghart reveals that Asogi approached him as Klint's obsession about finding the source of the crime had led to his darkness. To no avail, Asogi goes to Klint to confront him instead. It was thought that it was Genshin who tried to kill him, but instead, it was the dog, Balmung who took down Klint. As Stronghart is about to wind down, you object!

To find out who slipped out the hidden truth, choose Mael Stronghart. Than you point out an inconsistency. Present The Asogi Papers. Why? Stronghart previously let out that it's a three page will. Stronghart will confirm with Governor Caidin that the third page is irrelevant but he brought it anyway. Despite denying them the right to read the third page, the people have spoken and they want to hear otherwise. But Caidin can’t read Japanese, so Yujin Mikotoba does the honors instead. The details of The Asogi Papers have been updated in the court record.

Asogi Clan Appreciator
Silver Trophy unlocked.png
Asogi Clan Appreciator
Examine the "head" of Karuma again after finding the crucial evidence inside.

In the Chronicles version of the game, after Yujin Mikotoba reads the third part of the Asogi Papers and it has been put into the Court Record, examine the hilt of Karuma, Kazuma's sword. This will open it up, revealing a hidden message behind it. Then examine the hilt again for commentary between you and Susato. This will unlock the final hidden story-related accolade.

Mael Stronghart's downfall and confession[edit]

DGS2 icon Klint van Zieks's Will.png

Growing weary, Stronghart angrily persists in adjourning this case. So what can you do? Stronghart claims there's no conclusive evidence. Object to Stronghart and choose to present evidence since choosing wait and see will cause you to eventually present the evidence but at the cost of a penalty. Before you do, examine the hilt/handle of Karuma. Inside is Klint van Zieks' Will. Klint van Zieks' Will has been entered into the Court Record. Present Klint van Zieks' Will and Stronghart's ruling comes crumbling down! Despite protests not to read it, you, Ryunosuke Naruhodo, read the will as Stronghart screams in anger.

In summary, it turns out that it was Mael Stronghart all along who commanded his underlings to control crime, using Klint as an undercover "Professor". But Genshin apparently got involved, and that eventually led to his death. It is also discovered that during the Enoch Drebber case, it was Seishiro Jigoku who shot Genshin Asogi at the graveyard. He was actually trying to find Klint's will, not knowing that it was inside the sword Karuma all along.

However, there's one major problem: Mael Stronghart is the Defense Minister. How do you send him to jail if the prosecutor or defense attorney can't do it? After Stronghart's speech, everyone still gives him support. Present evidence and choose Iris's Lucky Charm! Miraculously, he appears visible and despite Stronghart calling for the police to throw him in jail, they phase through him instead. Absurd as it sounds, it turns out that he and Iris were relaxing at Buckingham Palace where the Queen lives! Of course you can't see the Queen but she left a message, ending Mael Stronghart's reign of terror and his method of fighting crime.

In spectacular fashion, the scales of justice fall over and leave Mael Stronghart screaming, breaking his cane and falling over as six flames are thrown to the guilty side. Once the dust settles, Stronghart confesses that he intended to drive down crime by using "the Reaper". If someone was suspected of murder and a jury wrongly gave them a verdict of not guilty, Stronghart's underlings would make it appear as if the Reaper had put a curse on them, striking fear into any who dared to do the same.

In a final wind down, Sholmes decides to let the old English judge aka Santa give his final verdict, and Barok van Zieks is found...

PWAA notguilty.gif

Thus the darkness of London comes to an end, once and for all. Congratulations on beating the sequel! Now enjoy the aftermath and the end credits from this point on.

What happened in "Adventure" and "Resolve"[edit]

Ten years ago, Mael Stronghart was a British prosecutor at a time when crime was rampant throughout London. Disgusted at the rampant criminal activity, he sought extralegal measures to take down those who have broken the system. Fortunately, another person unwittingly agreed with him: Klint van Zieks. Van Zieks was caught by Stronghart upon murdering his second victim as the Professor, but instead of arresting van Zieks as that would cause an upsurge in anti-governmental and criminal activity he instead decided to blackmail Klint to use him as an "attack dog," so to speak. Stronghart began to use Klint to deal with upper-class citizens who had performed illegal activities in the background, including Klint's own mentor and Stronghart's political rival, the then-Chief Justice. But Yujin Mikotoba, Seishiro Jigoku, and Genshin Asogi, who were visiting London, also heard the rumors about the "Professor". Eventually, Genshin discovered that Klint van Zieks was behind the Professor murders, and confronted Stronghart. Stronghart denied to arrest van Zieks on the premise that Genshin had no evidence --- and that it would upset the British population.

Dismayed by Stronghart, Genshin instead confronted Klint in his home to write the truth for him --- Genshin and Klint had become friends, so Klint wrote down his last will and testament, which Genshin hid in the head of Karuma. Asogi proposes that they duel to allow Klint an honorable death, and Klint accepts, provided that Genshin would ensure protection for Klint's pregnant wife. Klint confesses to his wife before he and Genshin duel --- Genshin wins, stabbing Klint in the heart. After fleeing the van Zieks estate, Asogi encounters Barok, Klint's younger brother, along the way. On the street, they run into a group of thugs led by Tobias Gregson as a front to steal Asogi's ring, which would later be used as the key evidence to falsely indict Genshin of being the Professor. Genshin is shot in his left hand whilst trying to protect Barok; his ring is stolen, and he is arrested.

In the prison, to save his son Kazuma from further trauma, Genshin accepts Mael Stronghart's condition to admit that he is the "Professor". Using the information on the last page of Klint van Ziek's will, Asogi bargains with Stronghart to devise an escape plan for himself after a fake execution, knowing that the reveal of the Professor being a member of the British nobility could cause a massive uproar in British society, and damage the people's faith in their law enforcement. But Stronghart is desperate to find the last page of his will to no avail. During the trial after plenty of attempts from Barok van Zieks, he is able to prosecute for the Professor case, where Genshin admits guilt to the charges of murder. With the exception of Seishiro Jigoku going way too far and end up breaking the witness stand.

But before Genshin Asogi was charged, in the forensics laboratory, consisting of Courtney Stevens (or Sithe ten years later), John H. Wilson and Yujin Mikotoba began to examine Klint van Zieks' dead body with Gregson's encouragement. As Wilson asks Yujin for a scalpel, he pretended to take the ring he obtained from Gregson out of Klint's stomach. Despite Yujin's concerns, he writes it in anyway with John Wilson signing the document off, completing the autopsy report.

A few days before Genshin's execution, Barry Caidin, governor of Barclay Prison, goes to set up Genshin's escape through a coffin. Daley Vigil, the chief warder of Barclay Prison, speaks to Genshin, who reveals to Vigil that the last will and testament (of Klint van Zieks, which is unbeknownst to Daley at the time) would be the "weapon" that would expose a dark secret in London's history after his death.

After the fake execution, Genshin Asogi emerges out of his coffin in Lowgate Cemetery, but this spectacle is witnessed by Enoch Drebber, a university student who graverobs as a side hustle. Realizing that he might spread rumors that the "Professor" is still alive, Mael Stronghart is forced to abandon his promise to allow Genshin to escape the cemetery, and makes Seishiro Jigoku shoot him, ending his life. They check his body for the last page of Klint's will before burying him in his grave again. The same night, Esmeralda Tusspells visits Lowgate Cemetery to dig up the body of the Professor and make a wax mold of him. The gravekeeper notified Stronghart of this, and Stronghart makes a deal with Tusspells that she never takes off the metal mask of her wax sculpture or reveal his identity to anyone.

Shortly after this, Governor Caidin pins the blame on Daley Vigil for aiding and abetting Genshin in his escape, making him a scapegoat. In the news to Japan, Kazuma's family has Genshin's belongings returned except for the ring. After Klint's death, Balmung also dies, and years later the capital offender Selden would steal Balmung's collar from Klint's manor and hide it in his secret hideout in John Garrideb's flats, which Soseki Natsume would later rent. Vigil is fired from his job by Governor Caidin, prompting Vigil to attempt suicide, and Barok van Zieks becomes well known as "The Reaper" over the next five years. The pressure and rumors push him to retire for another five years. Meanwhile, Mael Stronghart has been promoted to the Minister of Justice.

Ten years later, Mael Stronghart sends a telegram which is suppose to be an "assassin exchange" to the now judge Jigoku. Even though it was proven that Ryunosuke Naruhodo was innocent and Asa Shinn was John Wilson's murderer, she is still able to walk free, albeit under the watchful eye of Hosonoga. But Asa Shinn goes by the name Jezaille Brett at the time. Coming out of retirement, Barok van Zieks challenges Ryunosuke Naruhodo to prove his worth as a defense lawyer, thrown into the Magnus McGuilded case, which turns into a calamity while meeting Gina Lestrade, a pickpocket who shot the smoke grenade launcher in the middle of the court case, ending with the carriage being set on fire with McGilded trapped inside, set up by Ashley Graydon's paid officers.

Sholmes who predicted it after the news from Japan, goes on the SS Burya after Kazuma had been knocked unconscious with amnesia was sent to Hong Kong to be picked up, after allowing Naruhodo to absolve of his crime. With little choice, Ryunosuke and Susato join together as a defense attorney team, working together as a study tour group. Because of the unexpected events, Seishiro Jigoku has his hands tied as he was expecting Kazuma to take on the task: to assassinate Inspector Tobias Gregson.

In the court case involving the death of Pop Windibank, it's revealed that Magnus McGuilded was trying to obtain the disks made by Ashley Graydon (or Ashley Milverton)'s father, Mason Milverton. Thankfully, Gina has been acquitted of the murder. But by the end of the day before Susato boards the steamship, the group (Sholmes, Ryunosuke, Iris, Susato) translate the Japanese morse code as an "assassin exchange" telegram. Also, Ryunosuke Naruhodo is suspended for six months for the trouble he caused in revealing secrets and the McGuilded case which turned out to be a major setup.

A few months later, Susato, disguising as a male lawyer named Ryutaro, defends her best friend Rei Membami for the death of Jezaille Brett who has been murdered by Raiten Menimemo. But during that time, it's revealed after acquitting Soseki Natsume of Olive Green's "murder", Shamspeare tried and failed to get the loot from Selden in Garrideb's residence. The loot turns out to be a large, bloodied collar attached with gemstones with a capital B on the emblem.

During the instantaneous kinesis case, Mael Stronghart revealed that he found Kazuma Asogi who has amnesia at the time, to be given a mask and to be looked after by Barok van Zieks. It's revealed during the court case, Courtney Sithe, under Mael Stronghart direct orders wants her to falsify the autopsy report at the time. Also, Stronghart wants Madame Tusspell to keep the "Professor" masked. By the end of the case, Kazuma's memory has returned and he uses the sword "Karuma" that Naruhodo looked after to slice the wax model before leaving. A wax model revealed as Kazuma's dad ten years ago.

Leading to the Red-Headed League, Tobias Gregson enlist the help of Vigil who has been fired ten years ago for letting the "Professor" escape. As Gregson goes on the ship, Vigil goes without his disguise and was later detained by the leaders of the League, Fabien de Rousseau and Peppino de Rossi. He was brought back to their headquarters, which is an inn room the two have been renting out. Vigil attempted to escape at night, only to fail and be left with a large red bruise around the neck by Fabien, although he was soon released the next morning. Later on, Sholmes tried to join, only to be noticed by the same leaders that leads to Gina, arresting them and taking them to the police station.

On the steamship "Grouse", Kazuma questioned Gregson before signing in the hotel for the night. Not before he left a slash on his metal trunk, leaving a sword chip behind. On the other hand, Seishiro who is also on the ship, uses the opportunity to end Gregson's life and left his body in the trunk, not knowing about the fish and chips that has fallen out of his pocket. Also, this takes place while the Russian sailors were doing a twenty minute drill in which the blonde Strogenov is involved at the time.

Due to his status, Seishiro Jigoku is able to get off the steamship along with Yujin Mikotoba while meeting up with Ryunosuke Naruhodo and Susato for a photo shoot. Seishiro orders a ride with his trunk that has Gregson's body inside after being chilled in the freezer of the ship to where Hugh Boone aka Daley Vigil lives. He bought enough firecrackers from Miss Venus and tied them to the candelabrum to act as a timer. He also left Gregson's cracked pocket watch and a police figurine winder and a red wig behind, making it looked like he had finished investigating the Red-Headed League. Also, he carried the pocket watch tinker in his large suitcase.

While the trial of the death of Inspector Gregson was ongoing, at the same time, Seishiro Jigoku is trying to escape back to Japan via Dunkirk, France. But Yujin Mikotoba and Herlock Sholmes were hot on his trail. So Jigoku tries to cover up the crime in his room while leaving the drink with ice behind, blocking the pipe and throwing the paper drill in the bin. Not to mention paying the blonde Strogenov to pretend that he's not here and leaving the suitcase number upside down on his left arm.

In a final twist, when the trio heard the "gunshot" at 5pm, Daley Vigil dressed up as Gossip, pushed down the board with his hands covered in blood, coming in after Barok who came in first to pick up a gun, just ending up being spotted, while Miss Venus took the broken pocket watch and Sandwich taking Inspector Gregson's metal suitcase. At the same time, Mrs. Vigil asks Herlock Sholmes to find her husband that has been missing but later on, Gina Lestrade asks everyone for help with the news that the "Reaper" killed Gregson in Vigil's room that's been arranged. So Ryunosuke's group and Gina arrived to the crime scene to start the investigation. And that's how the story goes.

Resolving the mystery of Iris' father and returning to Japan[edit]

After an exhaustive nail-biting edge of your seat trial, you can finally take a breather. To keep it short and sweet, Yujin Mikotoba reveals that Iris's father is actually Klint van Zieks! Attempts were made after Iris's mother died to avoid labelling Klint's daughter as part of the Reaper's family. After talking to Genshin in prison, Yujin took the baby and gave her to the one person he trusted most before he left: Herlock Sholmes! Attempts were also made to avoid having you and Susato discover the truth behind "The Hound of Baskervilles". Last of all, Iris is English for Ayame, a name that Yujin picked out after his wife and Susato's mother died.

At Sholmes' Suite, Gina shoots you with her smoke grenade and congratulates you on your win. Though Gina announces her intention to quit being an inspector, Herlock gives her Gregson's pocket watch, now repaired, and she changes her mind. Gina also says that she wants to find Iris's dad, but that idea is turned down for the best as Iris calls Herlock her dad instead.

The Risen Resolve
Silver Trophy unlocked.png
The Risen Resolve
Complete the Final Chapter of The Great Ace Attorney 2: Resolve.

For the conclusion, before you and Susato head out to sea, Kazuma gives his sword, Karuma, to you since he'll stay as a prosecutor and perhaps as a defense attorney. You'll be going back to Japan to help revolutionize the justice system that deals with court cases, thus leading up to the time in which Phoenix Wright first set foot in the courtroom one hundred years later.