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The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy is a text adventure. The procedure for launching the game varies from system to system but still operates as normal for each platform.

After you launch the game, you will need to enter text commands in order to proceed. With most text advenut

Important commands are:

  • Again: Repeats the previous command as if you just typed it (can be abbreviated to G).
  • Brief: Only gives full description the first time you visit it. (default)
  • Diagnose: Gives a brief report of your physical condition.
  • Footnote: Gives a brief footnote
  • Inventory: lists carried items.
  • Look: Gives details about the current location.
  • Quit: Ends the game.
  • Restart: Begins the story at the beginning.
  • Restore: Loads a previously saved game.
  • Save: Saves the current game state to disk.
  • Score: Shows current score and turns taken.
  • Script: Prints the transcript of the game to the printer.
  • Superbrief: Only displays the name of a place when you enter the room.
  • Unscript: Stops printer from making a transcript.
  • Verbose: Gives the full room description each time you enter a room.
  • Version: Displays the release and serial number of the gma.e
  • Wait: Causes time in the story to pass.

Other recognized words include: Answer, approach, ask, block, buy, carve, climb, close, connect, consult, cover, dangle, destroy, drink, drop, enjoy, enter, escape, examine, exit, fill, find, follow, give, hang, hide, jump, kill, knock, lie, light, listen, look, move, panic, pull, open, pick, plug, point, push, put, read, relax, remove, say, shoot, show, sit, sleep, smell, stand, take, taste, throw, touch, turn, type, wake, and walk.

Finally, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy is written for the Z-machine engine. If desired, you can use alternate interpreters and have them run the data file included with the game, allowing play on any platform with a Z-machine interpreter.