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Below are the bonus modes for The House in Fata Morgana. For details on how to unlock them, see the gameplay page and for a walkthrough of the main game, see the walkthrough page.

  • Prologue: A story that precedes Your arrival to the mansion. It can be accessed after completing the main game, and can be found in the same menu. It contains no choices.
  • A Requiem for Innocence: A prequel story focusing on the life of Morgana and those who influenced her. This is a lengthy story and is split into three parts: Part I, the interlude, and Part II. It only contains one choice that has no effect on the story.
    • Happily Ever ~After~: A sub-episode included with A Requiem for Innocence. It acts as an epilogue to the main story, and contains only one choice that has no effect on the story.
    • Assento Dele: A sub-episode that takes place during Michel's time in the mansion. It contains no choices.
    • Fragment: A sub-episode unlocked after all others are completed. It acts as an epilogue to A Requiem for Innocence. Select all options that are presented to you to clear it.
  • Reincarnation: A lengthy epilogue covering the lives of the house's main players following the main story and A Requiem for Innocence. It contains no choices.