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The House in Fata Morgana is a text-heavy visual novel with some choices scattered throughout. In the main game, these choices may lead to alternate endings, in which case be sure to save so that all endings can be accessed. Extra modes also have choices, though they are far more straightforward and don't require a guide. For a list of all bonus content, see the extras page.


The main menu with all options unlocked.

On the main menu, the only mode available initially is the main story. Subsequent options must be unlocked by either playing through the main story or any bonus modes available. A Requiem for Innocence must be purchased separately in vanilla versions of the game (such as the version released on Steam), and is included from the start in Dreams of the Revenants Edition (Vita, PS4, and Switch versions). Reincarnation is exclusive to Dreams of the Revenants Edition.

The choices listed in the main menu are as follows:

  • The House in Fata Morgana: The main story mode, in which "You" find yourself in a seemingly abandoned manor with the Maid. Begin the game here.
  • A Requiem for Innocence: Side stories that can be viewed following the completion of the main story. The primary focus here is a story that occurs before the main story, but it contains stories that occur during and following the main story as well.
  • Reincarnation: A fully-voiced bonus story that should be viewed following the completion of A Requiem for Innocence.
  • Short Stories: Side stories that can be viewed following the completion of the main story, A Requiem for Innocence, and Reincarnation.
  • Inspect Your Memories: Load a save. This can also be done while playing the game mode that corresponds to the save, by opening the menu.
  • Chapter Select: View the story from a selectable point in the story. Chapters must be unlocked by viewing them beforehand.
  • Config: Adjust the game's options, such as music volume and text speed.
  • Extras: View the game's music and art gallery. This is unlocked following the completion of all other modes, with the exception of the Short Stories.
  • Back Door: A chapter select mode that can be accessed from the start of the day, as long as three questions concerning the main story are answered correctly. Intended for those who have already played the game.


PC PS4/Vita Switch 3DS Action
Mouse left click or  Space  or  Enter  Cross button A button A button Advance text or select option
 Ctrl  R1 button R button R button Skip text
 A  L1 button L button L button Auto-play
Mouse Square button Y button Y button Open menu
 R  Triangle button X button X button View log