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Think of this level as a practice round. Shoot the heads of the zombies to get through the level faster. Break crates and funiture to find secret items such as health and coins. Save the man on the bridge to get an extra health. Save three people for more health at the end of the level.


  • 1 For the first part you will walk through the front yard of the level. Kill all the zombies and save the hostages.
  • 2 Once you get inside watch out for large hordes of zombies. Remember, go for headshots.

Boss: Chariot[edit]

The first boss is a giant knight. Shoot the hole in his armor to kill him. After shooting enough, the armor will blast off and a slimy monster comes out. Shoot the slime off him to kill it. To make sure he will die, don't stop shooting the hole and you will survive.