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The controls of The Island of Dr. Brain consist almost entirely of pointing and clicking on certain areas of the screen. The areas available to click change with location, but there are also permanent buttons at the top that can help you navigate the game.

  • The eye turns your mouse into an eyeball and allows you to examine objects around you without interacting with them.
  • The hand turns your mouse into a hand that is able to interact with the environment.
  • The screen will show you what item you are currently holding.
  • The bag will bring up a screen that shows all the items in your inventory.
  • The curved arrow will allow you to move back one area.
  • The bar will bring up the options menu that includes difficulty and volume control.
  • The question mark will describe the function of the other buttons when you mouse over them.
  • The portrait of Dr. Brain will give you a brief explanation of the area you are in.
  • The palm trees are just there for show.