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At the bottom of the elevator lies Dr. Brain's laboratory, complete with tesla coils, robots, and genetic experiments on aliens. Dominating the center bottom of the screen is a human size robot, and the subject of the next puzzle.

Robot Puzzle[edit]

The object of this puzzle is to use a programmable robot to retrieve three items from a maze. The robot must be programmed to navigate the maze to the object, pick it up, then navigate back and drop it off at the red X. Before the robot can be operated, a cartridge must be selected from the small shelf to the left of the robot. There are three cartridges to choose from: A purple one with spiral on the front, a green one with an insect on the cover, and a yellow one with a laptop printed on it. These cartridges will be used to program the robot, but each will cause the robot to react uniquely to any instructions given. The purple cartridge will function normally, the yellow cartridge will cause the robot to stop and stare at the cameras (blue-green squares on the map), and the green cartridge will cause the robot to occasionally do the opposite action. On Novice difficulty, you can use any cartridge you want to get each item. On Standard and Expert difficulties, the cartridge will short out after a number of tries and another will have to be selected.

Island of Dr Brain robot puz1.png

Insert one of the cartridges into the robot to start the robot puzzle. There are two action commands as well as four directional commands. The four buttons below the map are used to move commands around on the command list. The map itself has several different symbols. The blue rectangles are walls, the blue-green squares cameras. The cameras function the same as the walls unless the yellow cartridge is being used. In this case, it is best to avoid the cameras entirely. The three colored circles represent the objects that the robot needs to retrieve. There are four directional buttons. The "L" and "R" buttons make the robot turn clockwise (right) or counterclockwise (left). The "F" and "B" buttons make the robot move forward and backward. One forward command will make the robot move one dotted square ahead on the map. For instance, the first few moves for the example map show would be forward, left, forward, forward, right, forward, etc.

If you're programming with the green chip, be wary of lines that have a robot arm symbol on them. If a command line has a wrench on it, the robot will do the opposite action. It will start every other line, but will soon change to other patterns. If you get lost, there's no penalty for hitting the "Go" button before the programming is complete. Even if the robot is holding an object when the program stops, it will go back and return the object at the end of the sequence. If you're confused beyond all hope, you can always clear the entire system by hitting the "Clear" button.

Genetics Puzzle[edit]

The robot will return to you three items: a silver key, genetic material, and a bag of computer components. As you exit the robot puzzle, you will have the cylinder of genetic material instead of a pointer. Look at the very bottom right corner of the screen for a small round indention. Click on it to insert the genetic material into the computer and turn it on, then click on the blue screen to start the genetics puzzle.