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You step out of the cave and blink in the blinding white light. As your eyes adjust, you realize that what you're staring at really is white! It looks like somebody took all the pieces of the lagoon and stuffed them into a treasure chest!

Jigsaw Puzzle[edit | edit source]

The game artists must have forgotten to draw this page.

Click on the treasure chest to grab a jigsaw piece. The piece will be glued to your pointer until you either place the piece down or put it back by clicking on the chest. When you place a piece, if it is close enough to the correct spot, it will snap into place with a pop sound. If you are placing a side piece, it is a good idea to put the piece down one or two pixels away from the edge. This way, you will know for sure when it is in the right place because the piece will snap to the edge.

There will be a timer counting up on the treasure chest, but it doesn't really affect the puzzle at all. There are some pieces, such as the large red flowers or yellow and red polka dot float, whose locations are fairly obvious if you know the general layout of the picture, shown below.

If you need to go back for any reason, there is an exit button on the chest itself, which allows you to go back to the cave. However, be aware that the puzzle will restart when you return.

When the last piece is put into place, you find yourself in the middle of a beautiful vista: The crystal clear water on the sands, a waterfall in the distance, and... flamingos? Yes, the beach seems to be crowded with Dr. Brain's famous color-changing flamingos. Click on any of the flamingos to start the flamingo color match puzzle.

Neon Flamingo Puzzle[edit | edit source]

This puzzle may seem overwhelming at first, but it is actually rather simple. The hardest part of this puzzle is remembering which flamingos are supposed to be colored and what color they need to be. The rest can be solved with a simple pattern approach.

Novice[edit | edit source]

On novice difficulty, the goal is to turn only the goal flamingo white.

On novice difficulty, each flamingo will have only one function. Some will turn certain flamingos white, and some will turn other flamingos red. Click each flamingo and remember which ones turn others red. While you are checking for this, take note of which one turns the target flamingo red. When you know which flamingos are red turners, click the white-turners until the target flamingo is white. Once it is white, click all of the red-turners (except the one except the one that turns the target red) until only the target flamingo is red.

Standard[edit | edit source]

On standard difficulty, you must turn one flamingo white and another one green. There are three flamingos that you are looking for. One will turn a range of flamingos white, including the one that you want to be white. Another one changes all but the one you want white back to red. A third will only change the color of the flamingo that need to be green. To find these flamingos, click on each one and see what its effect is. Be careful, though, because one of the flamingos will only turn the target flamingo to green instead of white. Ignore this flamingo. When you have identified these flamingos, change them all back to red, then click on them in this order: first click the one that turns the range of others white, then the flamingo that turns all but the one you want white back to red, then the flamingo that turns only the one you want to be green.

Expert[edit | edit source]

One flamingo will turn many others purple on the first click, but will turn all but the one you want purple back red on subsequent clicks.

The expert level of this puzzle asks you to change three different flamingos three different unique colors, one white, one green, and one purple. If you are having trouble remembering which flamingo needs to be which color, click the "?" button at the top right corner for a reminder. The first step is to click each flamingo two or three times to see what each one does. There are three flamingos in particular that you are looking for. One will turn a number of flamingos purple on the first click, but will turn all but the one you want purple back to red on subsequent clicks. The other two you need to find will turn only the one flamingo that needs to be changed different colors. When you have found these three flamingos, turn all the flamingos back to red by clicking the appropriate flamingos. When they are all red, first click the flamingo that turns the flamingos purple until only the one you want purple remains colored. Next, simply click the individual flamingos that turn only the one you want until you get the desired colors on each flamingo.

Coconut Tree Word Search Puzzle[edit | edit source]

When the flamingos are satisfied, they will flash a rainbow of colors. Then a flamingo will reach beneath its wings and hand you a bottle filled with sheet music. You don't have a use for this now, but hold on to it because you will need it later.

Click on the sign in the distance to start the word search puzzle. The only problem? It is in a foreign language. You have the choice between solving a word search in German, French, or Spanish. Unless you are familiar with any one of these, there really is no difference in difficulty between the language choices. to start the puzzle, make your decision by clicking on the stereotypical person of the ethnicity of your choice.

The only difference between difficulty levels are the number of words you need to find (10, 15 or 20 words). First, become familiar with the words by reading through them once or twice so if you encounter them by chance. The first words you should go for are the ones that include spaces or rare symbols, such as ç, ñ, or ü. These are easier to find because the symbols stand out against the background of letters. Once these are found, it's just a matter of manually going through the puzzle looking for the right letter and letter combinations. There are usually one or two stickler words that you have to go through letter by letter to find, but they're all there.

When you've found all you need, the palm trees blocking the way up the mountain will part, allowing you to pass.